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Glennis Solutions offers the only fully integrated cloud-based software suite built in conjunction with a leading senior living provider. In use across three countries, our solutions are specifically designed to serve the unique needs of the senior housing industry.

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We’re on a mission

Our mission is to provide solutions that promote the health and wellness of the seniors served by our customers. We develop solutions in partnership with our customers as well as their residents, employees and partners.

Birth of a pioneer

Our home base of Louisville, Kentucky was the perfect spot for Glennis Solutions to open its doors, as it has been hailed the aging-innovation capital of the U.S., having the largest cluster of aging care businesses in a city. In fact, the company was sparked by the needs of one of the industry’s leading senior housing providers also based in Louisville – Atria Senior Living.

As an industry innovator, Atria maintains a focus on delivering high-quality care to its residents, easy-to-use applications for its employees, and visibility and value to its owners. The Glennis team was created to invest in the operating system that would underpin the excellence in operations that Atria has been associated with in the senior housing industry. Glennis Solutions is the platform that codifies the business processes, workflows and functions that allow Atria to be the innovator it has become, and now it is available to the rest of the industry.

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At the forefront of change

Our company name was inspired by the Glamorous Glennis, the infamous experimental aircraft that rocketed Chuck Yeager to a sound-breaking record in 1948. It is in this same spirit that Glennis Solutions became a modern pioneer at the forefront of change in the senior housing industry.

Although it is a distinctly separate entity, Glennis works hand-in-hand with Atria’s senior housing communities and operators to develop a core operating system that addresses their very specific needs. Years of product enhancements and feature releases based on actual field use have resulted in the most powerful, fully integrated software suite of its kind – one that Atria and other Glennis customers have been using with tremendous success to streamline workflow, improve quality of care, increase revenue and transform their operations.

An eye to the future

Glennis’ pioneering spirit continues as we address new challenges, such as those presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our success can be attributed to our intimate understanding of the senior housing industry and our shared goals – to create solutions that make the safety and well-being of older adults a priority.

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Make your whole organization work smarter with our powerful tools.

Since its inception Glennis has been used across hundreds of properties, thousands of units and over 100,000 residents, each solution was designed to seamlessly manage the complex challenges faced by senior housing operators, residents, administrators and their staff.


Glennis Sales

Manage marketing functions, prioritize tasks, manage leads and close more prospects with this robust CRM solution.


Glennis Revenue

Streamline your billing and inventory, optimize revenue and watch profits soar.


Glennis Care

Track resident wellness, manage digital care assessments and generate service plans automatically.

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Glennis ACCUflo

Safely manage resident medical records and medication administration and error-proof the shared process that connects caregivers and pharmacists.


Glennis Quality

Manage compliance and performance against portfolio-wide standards, life safety issues and regulatory agencies with this mobile-first solution.

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Glennis Financials

Manage accounts receivable and accounts payable in one integrated platform that simplifies transactions and financial reporting.


Glennis Insights

Rely on a single, unified source of information to assess your financial, operational, and resident care performance in real time.

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Glennis Family App

Keep families updated on the well-being of their loved ones and updated on community activities and important news.

Our flexible, scalable and extensible suite of applications make for the most powerful platform for Senior Living Operators. Every feature was designed with the benefits of the resident, operator and end user in mind. Glennis delivers a delightful end-user experience with a demonstratable ROI for its partner customers.

What Others Are Saying

“I needed a system that allowed us to capture data that would ensure we understood our customer better and maximised the chances of sales success through effective lead management.”
Natasha Pocock, Group Sales & Marketing Manager


“We wanted a platform built specifically for assisted living. Glennis Revenue provides real time data that allows us to take real time actions.”
Justin Vetter, CPA, Chief Financial Officer


“The format is easy to use with drop down boxes and comment fields for streamlined data entry. You can sort each section many ways and do a full save whenever you want.”
Christa Shugan, Quality Enhancement Director


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