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Provide the best experience for your assisted living staff and residents

Communities like yours are using our powerful assisted living software every day to accelerate business, save time, retain staff, improve resident care, and maintain brand standards. Our fully integrated software suite gives staff the information and tools to simplify their workday, enable collaboration, communicate better with prospects, and deliver enhanced attention and care to residents.

Benefits of Glennis Assisted Living Software

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Data That Makes You More Powerful

Glennis gives you the information you need to boost lead conversions, streamline staff workflow, improve sales performance, maximize revenue, optimize rates, increase occupancy and improve leasing efficiency and accuracy.

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Improve Quality of Care & Compliance

Optimize staffing, capture lost billing, enhance care administration and improve the resident experience while reducing labor costs. Mitigate risks with surveys and generate correction plans to improve compliance and reduce costs.

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Better ROI & Lower Referral Costs

Prioritize higher-quality leads. Integration with website and third-party referrals expedites response times, flags duplicate leads for up to 5% savings and identifies the best referral sources for better ROI of marketing spend and staff time.

“We wanted a platform built specifically for assisted living. Glennis Revenue provides real-time data that allows us to take real-time actions.”
Justin Vetter, CPA, Chief Financial Officer


“The format is easy to use with drop down boxes and comment fields for streamlined data entry. You can sort each section many ways and do a full save whenever you want.”
Christa Shugan, Quality Enhancement Director


Features of Glennis Assisted Living Software

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Powerful Assisted Living Tools

Glennis helps assisted-living facilities overcome the many unique challenges they face every day. Land more qualified prospects, improve the resident care experience, better manage compliance, and sync billing to care plans and service changes to maximize revenue. Then there's our family app that provides a deeper level of trust by keeping your residents connected to their loved ones. Now these time-tested solutions can solve your assisted-living challenges and drive growth.
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Collaborative Resident Care

A single view of assisted-living resident enables collaboration around every aspect of living and care. Our mobile care app is a huge timesaver, as it puts all resident care information and medication details at their fingertips, and ensures crucial information is not lost during shift changes. Glennis makes sure no detail is overlooked. Better manage continuity of care, ensure crucial information is not lost during shift changes, and improve resident satisfaction.

Improve the Assisted Living Experience

Our flexible, scalable and extensible suite of applications - designed exclusively for senior living - make for the most powerful platform for Assisted Living Operators. Every feature was designed with the benefits of the resident, operator and end user in mind. Now these time-tested, innovative solutions can solve your challenges, drive growth for your assisted living communities, and help you deliver the very best to your residents.

Supports every aspect of your Assisted Living Community



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Quality Teams



The Complete Software Suite for Assisted Living

Glennis Sales

Sales & Marketing

Maximize your marketing budget, and increase census while providing prospects the best experience.

Glennis Sales
www.glennissolutions.comhubfsGlennis Revenue

Leasing & Billing

Improve revenue with rate optimization and integrated leasing, billing and payments.

Glennis Revenue
Glennis Family App

Resident Engagement

Keep residents and families connected with our mobile app.

Glennis Family App
Glennis Care

Resident Care

Level up the care experience and minimize labor costs.

Glennis Care
Glennis Accuflo


Safely manage medical records and medication administration.

Glennis ACCUflo
Glennis Financial


Streamline accounting and financial reporting with integrated AP/AP and general ledger tools.

Glennis Financials
Glennis Insights

Business Insights

Gain real-time insight into performance for improved profitability portfolio-wide.

Glennis Insights
Glennis Quality


Ensure company policies are followed and regulatory requirements are met in every community.

Glennis Quality

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