Glennis Solutions: A look back—and the view ahead.

An interview with Glennis EVP, Brad Frasher.

 Glennis has always been about innovation. But as we prepare for 2022, we plan to invest more time and energy than ever in bringing the best technology to our customers to help them make work easier, increase their bottom lines, and keep resident care at the heart of their communities.

To provide a glimpse into what’s to come, we caught up with Glennis EVP, Brad Frasher, to talk about how far Glennis has evolved over the past year, what he didn’t expect, and what’s next for Glennis:

Q:  What has surprised you most in conversations with operators regarding technology? 

“What I didn’t expect was to find so many senior living operations that still don’t have integrated systems. There are a surprising number of companies out there entering the same data multiple times in multiple systems, which isn’t ideal from a productivity standpoint. Remember, most senior living operators today began as real estate developers. And they’ve been so busy reacting and responding to the massive changes in the marketplace, they haven’t been as focused on the technology needed to operate the buildings as they were on how to build great buildings. But I think we’re starting to see a bit of a change.”

Q:  How can Glennis help operators make staffing more cost-effective?

“Matching staffing to services provided is very important as operators try to balance quality of service and revenue. Our software automatically creates a service plan for residents based on their assessment, which then generates tasks for caregivers. Should caregivers provide more service than is in the plan—our system has the ability to capture those services and collect the revenue associated. The system also provides visibility into how staff is allocated to the work assigned during a shift, so you can optimize your staffing costs and ensure you’re not overworking or underutilizing caregivers.”

Q:  What about the recent challenges with staff turnover?

“We believe that by easing the burden of daily tasks for staff, we can—even in a small way—help keep staff members on board, reducing turnover. We want to provide a system that somebody can sit down and start using immediately. If they struggle with any of their daily system tasks, we have training modules they can work through independently. We want to make it easy for them. The truth is we’ve built a very intuitive system that has been vetted and enhanced over the past 10 years or so through our origin with Atria.”

Q:  Occupancy remains somewhat elusive. How does Glennis help with move-ins?

“Our CRM is extremely easy to use and keeps sales teams focused on the activities that keep the right prospects engaged. This includes the entire process from centralized lead management, competitive analysis, and sales metrics and forecasting, among other advanced features and functionalities that work to serve the unique requirements of senior living. Because our innovation team came from within the industry, we understand how to deliver technology that addresses those needs. For example, we recently released a “resident matching” feature that matches prospects with current residents who have common interests and backgrounds. We know the importance of keeping seniors engaged and helping them to make lasting connections, and this feature works to form those friendships – in addition to helping address occupancy and loyalty. Our end goal is to be able to guide you through the entire process from inquiry to pricing to move-in, effortlessly.”

Q:  In addition to all this, what new technology can we expect to see in the next year or so?

“One big initiative for us is the rollout of Glennis Insights, which is our analytics and reporting tool. I think we're going to really change the way our customers access actionable data more so than what has been seen thus far in the industry. Simple tools that allow you to access, analyze and visualize data will really make a difference in the ability to make more informed decisions. Decisions that make an immediate and lasting impact.”

Next week, read more from our interview with Brad Frasher where he’ll discuss his philosophy on what makes a great software provider, how Glennis can further empower the senior living workforce, and the role data plays in the future of senior living operations. Stay tuned!