Beyond senior housing software: A trusted partnership

A Q&A with Glennis EVP, Brad Frasher. 

In our second interview, we dig deep to uncover what makes Glennis tick; what’s different about how we do business, why we’re uniquely positioned to solve senior living’s most difficult challenges, and what we’re focused on right now to make life easier for senior living operators, residents, and staff.

Q: What’s special about working with Glennis from an operator’s perspective?

“The difficulties for so many operators are their systems don't integrate with existing systems. It makes their lives difficult. Glennis is known for being a very open company. My mantra is to be customer-service centric. We get the “partnership” because we came from that same operator world and understand that it pays to work as a partner, not just as a vendor. Some software providers might make operators feel lucky to be partnering with them, whereas at Glennis, we feel lucky to be able to serve our customers.”

Q: Data is integral to running a profitable senior living operation. How does Glennis provide the data needed and what kind of impact can this data make on their business?

“Data provides transparency. And in the business of caring for seniors, you want to be very transparent. The right data plays a vital role in guiding you to the answers you need most and making decisions more easily and with more clarity. Our advanced senior housing software systems were created to not only capture data, but also to give it context, so you know what to do with it. It's all about how you present the data and how you utilize it. This is important for everyone on your team, from sales to daily caregiving staff. We believe the data we provide improves the lives of our operators, which in turn improves the daily lives of their residents.”

Q: Glennis provides solutions for several senior living functions. Is there anything you’re focusing on more intensely right now?

“In addition to elevating resident care and improving staff efficiency and satisfaction, Glennis is working every day to support three primary goals: First, to provide user-friendly, easily implemented systems supported by eLearning that users can access anytime. This eLearning tool will launch early in 2022. Second, to offer a complete solution that runs off a unified database, so data is shared among solutions/users, and also provides flexible, timely reporting to help guide business decisions, improve revenue, and more. And third, to deliver a true partnership approach. Glennis doesn’t just sell a solution. We offer a partnership where we offer continuous support and expertise based on our deep understanding of the senior living industry.”

Q: What has been the most rewarding for you as you've led the launch of Glennis over this                past year?

“There are so many things that have been really fulfilling for me - from the rekindling of old relationships in the industry to making new ones, but very high on the list would be building our world-class team along with nurturing the Glennis culture. Culture is something that we work on every day. There are 80 Glennis team members now, and we want each one of them to be engaged and excited about being here. Building relationships with our internal team—helping them solve problems and working side-by-side—is the cornerstone of our approach to customer relationships.”

Q: What do you look forward to most as you look to 2022?

“2021 was all about taking Glennis to market, telling our story and building our brand. We are seeing more and more operators begin to recognize Glennis as a comprehensive senior living solutions provider. 2022 is all about building our reputation. We hope to be known as a go-to resource: a partner that operators and their teams want to work with—not just because we’re new and shiny—but because they hear how we truly partner with our customers, how easy our solutions are to implement and use, and how we’re here to really empower the industry with a solution that is truly unique.”