Data: The Secret Weapon for Senior Living Success

The industry is well on its way to a digital transformation as more and more providers are realizing the benefits of automating work processes. Software automation enables a community and even an entire portfolio of communities to get on the same (digital) page to save time, enable better oversight, and improve performance. Even better, a single platform serves as a central system of record, constantly collecting and updating data in real-time. This data is one of the most powerful outputs of automation, opening the door to more informed, proactive business decisions for improved performance and profitability.  

Collecting Data for Better Insights

Senior living communities collect a wealth of information with every incoming resident and business interaction. This can provide a richer image of resident and staff needs and business trends. Collectively, this information can transform senior care for providers, residents, and families and even lead to improvements industry-wide.  

Most business owners and leaders are aware of business intelligence (BI) and make use of it to some extent. The following four categories of data-centric procedures represent the key pillars of BI, all working together to produce transformative results.   

  1. Data collection and warehousing: The process of acquiring and storing information relevant to business practices and results.

  2. Data mining: Combining databases, statistics, and machine learning to uncover trends in large collections of information.

  3. Business analytics: Transforming information acquired through data mining into actionable insights which can improve business decisions.

  4. Data visualization: Representing data analysis as visual charts and graphs that allow users analyze information for assessing trends and driving performance.

Senior Living Software  Does the Heavy Lifting 

With so much information to gather and continually update, the good news is that technology is more than up for the challenge. One of the best ways to ensure you’re working with the most accurate and recent data is with a single software platform that gathers information automatically as a function of doing business. This creates a single database that is updated in real-time for all stakeholders to access. Source data can come from just about anywhere, including:

  • Electronic health records
  • Smart watches and wearables
  • Bluetooth-connected devices
  • Senior living management systems
  • Third-party websites
  • Senior living referral companies

One of the key challenges many assisted living providers face when collecting data is the lack of a single database. Some communities still use paper reporting in combination with several different software solutions to manage different functions.  
This creates a phenomenon called a “data silo” where different systems cannot access the information they need from other sources to create a comprehensive view. This leads to hours spent on manual reporting, gaps in accuracy, and dated information. To avoid data silos, assisted living software gathers all the data associated with every business function into a single bucket where it can be stored, mined, and put into action. 

“Integrated reporting allows you to manage revenue growth and productivity which together lead to improved profitability,” said Brad Frasher, CEO of Glennis. 

Intelligent Action 

Not only can data be used to improve safety, care, and the overall living experience for residents, but it can also be leveraged to improve operational efficiencies and profitability by turning it into actionable insight. With Glennis Insights, every stakeholder, from care teams to managers to operators and owners, can analyze and share real-time financial, operational and performance data in a single platform.  Data can be viewed by community, service type, region, portfolio, even down to a single resident or staff member. 

Because the data sources are complete and up to date, you can track trends and base decisions on the best information available, whether that be the care of a resident, opportunities to improve occupancy trends or identifying low-performing communities. 

Glennis Insights produces easy-to-read custom dashboards and visual analytics to allow for a smooth end-user experience. The integrated systems give operators a look at many of their top business indicators in financial, operational, and resident care performance. Operators can even measure how software is being utilized to drive maximum usage and ROI, such as what percentage of tasks are being completed using the mobile care app.

To find out how Glennis can help you harness the power of your data through one automated solution, schedule a demo