It's Time to Pivot to Digital Leasing

For years, the senior living industry relied solely on face-to-face interactions to facilitate the leasing process. Today that singular approach fails to meet customer expectations and minimizes the importance of how quickly technology has changed how we do things and where we do them.

Consumers expect convenience, excellent service, and choices on how they can interact with businesses; and senior living is no exception. As customers’ expectations and requirements increase, senior living operators are adopting digital leasing to create a better experience for staff, seniors, and their families.

Digital Leasing Offers Residents Choices

The Glennis Revenue solution gives your resident the ability to lease their new home from anywhere. It seamlessly organizes and manages all leasing and billing documents through a process-driven workflow that creates efficiency and offers your new residents options in how they conduct the move-in process.

The data about the new resident captured during the sales process flows directly into lease documents, which are automatically generated saving your staff time and eliminating errors. The lease can be sent to the resident and digitally signed from anywhere, providing convenience and reducing the time it takes to sign a lease. Documents are tamper-proof due to digital encryption and easily accessible from the resident’s profile in Glennis.

Does your resident feel more comfortable with paper documents? No problem. Glennis Revenue also accommodates printed lease documents without sacrificing all the advantages of a digital leasing process. If the resident prefers to sign a printed lease, a barcode unique to the resident is printed on each document so once the lease is signed it can be quickly scanned and again securely stored in the resident’s record.

Transitioning to community life is a big change for the entire family. That’s why we created a product that simplifies the move-in process and gives your new residents a choice in how they conduct this important transaction.  

Digital Leasing Empowers Your Team

In the digital age, your team can’t rely on paperwork to get the job done in a timely, efficient, and profitable way. Having the tools needed to centralize all resident information and make it accessible to every staff member mitigates that concern. 

Digital leasing makes the job of your staff almost effortless, freeing them from paper and allowing them to do what they do best – connect with residents. The Glennis system is easy to use, requires minimal training, and facilitates collaboration so your staff is just as happy as your residents - which can go a long way toward reducing turnover.

Benefit from the Pivot

Understanding and responding to changing expectations of residents and their families can help to forge even deeper relationships. Digital leasing with Glennis Revenue keeps your property relevant, provides a competitive boost, and ultimately delivers higher revenues at lower cost.

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