DIY Configuration: Putting the Power in the Admin's Hands

New technology is supposed to make life easier, not harder. If you look at everything from laptops to smart phones to social media apps, the trend is toward simplicity. Being able to do more in less time. This is the essence of software as a service (SaaS): people should be able to use technology with as little ramp-up time and tech support as possible. That is exactly what Glennis assisted living software brings to the senior-living industry.

In a perfect world, companies would buy software, go through a brief training process, and then be able to configure everything to meet their specific needs quickly and easily without having to wait for the software vendor to set it up. The unfortunate reality, however, is that many new technology platforms designed to manage the complexities of business are rarely that intuitive. This creates a significant level of frustration - and expense -  for organizations that are forced to call tech support every time they want to make a simple change. In addition, there’s lack of efficiency that wastes time and prevents users from fully leveraging their systems. 

It’s not hard to find examples of organizations that are frustrated by the inability to do their own configurations. So, what is the solution? In simple terms, developers of SaaS tools need to think more like customers and less like engineers. That means anticipating what customers are going to need in the real world and baking that into product design so that it meets customers requirements, which includes the ability for the customer to configure the system to work for their particular business.

Advantages of self-configuration

Most people think of IT problems as technical problems, but they are really business problems. Many organizations have to alter their processes, use workarounds or pay for customizations because the software doesn't fit quite their needs. Glennis was designed to specifically manage the complexities of senior living with the flexibility that allows users to do many of their own configurations, avoiding time-consuming and expensive custom services.  Whether you want to create a custom report, customize forms, or change user roles and permissions, you can do this all yourself with just a few clicks.  

Glennis is designed with streamlined workflows that have been field tested and enhanced over time. From here, admins can adapt the system to meet their organization's needs. Each solution in the Glennis suite provides the flexibility to customize forms, fields, reports, and workflows in ways that work for your business. Here are just a few examples:

 - A pre-move in assessment can be designed with customized questions that may be different from a state required assessment and is completely customizable based on your billing, whether it be levels, points, or time.

- Lease agreements and move-in packets can be customized and automatically filled with data captured in the Glennis senior housing CRM. Users can also configure workflows to follow their preferred business processes and approvals chain, such as billing routing and pricing exception approvals. 

- The Glennis Quality solution allows you to create custom surveys, responses and corrective actions based on your requirements and brand standards.

- When it comes to driving performance, the Glennis Insights reporting tool allows you to collect, segment and filter data the way you specify. Track the KPIs that drive your success and visualize data in dashboards and other formats as you choose.

- General set-up with Glennis includes the ability to align the system with your portfolio structure including distinct brands, divisions, and regions.

Our team has years of experience working in senior living and we understand the importance of creating solutions that are simple, flexible and improve the day-to-day work at the community. We also believe that superior product design looks at even the most basic tasks as opportunities to automate and streamline. That's why we continually enhance and advance our solutions as the industry evolves. 

Simple matters

Glennis is committed to making it simpler to manage senior living communities and to helping our customers achieve better outcomes for everyone involved. That takes many forms, from tools and features that are uniquely designed for senior living to making sure our software is easy to configure and use. And it all starts with industry designed solutions that offer the flexibility that empowers our customers to do great things on their own.

To learn more about how Glennis Solutions can help your senior living community achieve an even higher level of performance, schedule a demo today.