8 Essential Features of Senior Living Software

Implementing a comprehensive assisted living management software suite is an excellent way to streamline your processes. It keeps all the information every department needs at their fingertips and eliminates cumbersome paperwork so that your staff can focus on what matters most: caring for seniors.

However, not all software suites are created equal. Here are eight things to look for before you commit to a senior living management solution.

1. Ease of Use   

For any software solution to work, your staff needs to actually use it. Successful software is intuitive and easy-to-use with a simple user interface. This helps ensure staff will adopt the technology quickly and utilize it to its full potential. It also cuts down on training time. Bonus points for any software suite that allows you to provide direct feedback to help tailor the program to your specific needs.

2. Efficient Workflows that Accommodate Your Processes

You’ve got established processes in place that work for your communities. Your software should complement and enhance those processes, not overhaul them. A customizable software solution -  developed by established experts in senior living - allows you and your staff to carry on business as usual; the only change is streamlined documentation, automation, and increased efficiency.

3. Mobile Capabilities

Quality senior living software meets your staff where they are, figuratively and literally. Mobile technology helps staff members and caregivers deliver care more efficiently and effectively. It also allows them to better manage their workload and document care and incidents in real time. Plus, it facilitates communication between management, the care team, residents, and their families.

4. 360 Resident View

Senior living residents have varying degrees of required care, needs, and preferences. Fully fledged management software should offer a comprehensive look at resident profiles, so that care teams can easily collaborate to improve care outcomes and eliminate redundancies. Every team member should be able to easily access everything about the resident from their care plan, personal preferences, medication information, allergies, family information, etc.

5.  Integrates Every Aspect of Senior Living

Communities and staff need to be managed as one to achieve optimal standards of care. For efficiency’s sake, you need an all-in-one software solution that integrates with any existing services you use and caters specifically to the senior living business. For example, the Glennis Software Suite provides a robust solution for every facet of your operations, big and small, and integrates seamlessly with services you may already be using, such as financial systems (QuickBooks, Oracle), referral networks (Caring.com, A Place for Mom) communication services (HelloSpoke, Twilio), and more.

6. Scalable & Flexible

You’re constantly improving and optimizing your business and operations. Shouldn’t your software vendor do the same? The best senior living management software will meet your needs now and anticipate and accommodate the needs you may have as your business grows. The Glennis Software Suite does just that. A first-of-its-kind software solution developed by leaders in the senior living industry, Glennis is used across hundreds of properties of all sizes to facilitate management operations and promote the overall wellness of residents.

7. Transparency

The ability to access your data across all operations in one central location will transform your ability to make proactive decisions. The right software will generate automatic reports and easy-to-understand metrics to help you make the right call when it comes to operations, spend allocation, sales, and your ability to improve results year over year.

8.  Experts in Your Corner

Above all, you need to feel supported and understood by your software partner. Anyone can sell you software, but not everyone has decades of experience in your industry. Glennis Solutions was developed by a leader in the senior living sector and is the product of years of optimization. We partner with you from implementation to training to ongoing consulting to make sure you get the most out of the system and your investment.

If you’re looking for insight to get your business where you want it to be and guidance through the uncertainty of the future, Glennis can help. To see what Glennis can do for you, request a demo today.

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