Game Changing Assisted Living CRM Boosts Sales Results

As the senior housing industry works to recover from record low occupancies, the tools that sales teams rely on to capture, nurture and close precious leads have become increasingly important. Now more than ever, CRM solutions for senior living must optimize marketing spend and drive sales team performance all while nurturing relationships with residents and families.

The best assisted living CRM solution must be easy to use, continually nudge the process forward, keep teams prepared for every interaction, and deliver real-time insight into sales activity and progress. Perhaps most importantly, it should give your sales teams back the time and information they need to connect with residents and families as they go through the decision-making process. Developed with all this in mind, Glennis Sales aims to simplify and accelerate the complex way that leads are managed, nurtured and converted today. 

Countless studies have told us that speed is the key to conversion. In Glennis, inquiries are automatically prioritized so your sales team immediately knows which inquiries to follow up with first. Duplicate leads are merged so you don’t pay referral fees for leads you already have engaged. Your inquiries are continually nurtured with automated daily reminders and tasks that guide your sales team through important steps to keep inquiries and their families engaged and the process moving towards a conversion.   

So that your sales team can provide a highly personalized experience, all the information about the inquiry is provided in one profile. This includes information about other properties in your portfolio they may have toured, notes about previous interactions, and even competitors they may have visited. Armed with this information your staff can provide a unique tailored-made experience to each potential resident and their family. 

In addition, your staff will have detailed competitive insight to differentiate your brand and leverage your community’s advantages. Having spent more than a decade working side-by-side with Atria Senior Living, our founding customer, the Glennis team understands the value of staying on top of the ever-changing competitive landscape in the crowded senior living market. Glennis allows for real time, collaborative tracking of your competitors from inside Glennis Sales, eliminating the need to email and update spreadsheets. Selling rates, floorplans, amenity information and more are stored in your system so your sales teams have competitive insight when talking to prospects and management can make adjustments to their advantage. 

However, revenue and occupancy can’t truly be optimized without the insight to monitor and measure sales and lead performance. Dashboards closely monitor the performance of your sales activity, pipeline and progress toward goals. Get the most of out your referral network, whether it’s referral aggregates such as, A Place for Mom or, your preferred professional network, or referrals from residents and their families.

How well does your website and paid advertising perform? Knowing your best performing lead sources allows you to allocate your marketing dollars where they’ll provide the best results. You can also monitor how well your sales team performs once inquiries come in. You can monitor their lead nurturing activity and progress toward goals and reward those who perform the best and identify those who may need some help. This real-time insight allows you to make necessary adjustments to optimize your team’s performance, better allocate your marketing budget, and drive occupancy and revenue. 

Glennis Sales provides an easy to use and understand CRM process that provides the prospective resident the best experience while also optimizing room revenue and occupancy. To find out more, join our live demo of Glennis Sales on Thursday, Feb. 25 at 1 p.m. CST. 

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