Glennis users take off with on-demand training

Glennis Solutions just announced the launch of its eLearning program, Glennis Flight School, an on-demand assisted living software training program designed to onboard new users and empower employees to access the full potential of all that the solutions offer. Available at no cost to all Glennis customers, the easy-to-consume training modules work to accommodate the busy schedules of senior living employees.

Flexible learning

Insufficient training can be a barrier to adopting new workplace technology. Staff may be worried that training will be too time consuming, eating away at their busy workday. Others might fear the software will be too difficult to use and are apprehensive about making a change. Glennis breaks down those barriers from both a time and technology perspective.

Whether it’s onboarding new employees, adopting a new product, or refresher training, eLearning accommodates everyone’s needs and supports independent learning. Glennis Flight School courses are accessible from both desktop and mobile devices that users can access when it’s most convenient for them. This flexibility makes learning more enjoyable and less stressful.

Glennis addresses the second barrier that often slows onboarding and full adoption of new technology by designing each solution to be intuitive and easy-to-use. As a result, users can onboard and become proficient in a short amount of time. 

Flexible scheduling

Finding time to train can be difficult. Glennis Flight School takes a micro-learning approach, delivering courses in brief, memorable segments. Each product is supported with a series of workflow training videos presented in short individual segments that allow users to start and stop their learning as it fits into their schedules. Follow up questions keep users engaged and ensure they have a good understanding of the content as they progress through their learning. Once all of the short training segments are completed, users will take a brief competency quiz to earn their certification for that product.

This progressive approach makes learning easy and ensures employees are grasping all the essential skills to be successful using Glennis as they move through their training. Users can easily brush up on Glennis workflows and features thanks to the on-demand availability of Flight School. This is also handy for those looking to catch up on software enhancements.

Tracking learning progress

Flight School not only gives staff an easy process for learning how to use all the functionality of Glennis products, and provides managers the insight to monitor training progress of their employees. 

Reporting quickly provides updates on courses that have been completed, those in progress, how many certifications each user has received, and how much time has been spent on training. This level of insight is a good indicator of employees who might be ready to advance to becoming super users and training leaders for the organization. Advanced in-person training is the next natural progression where staff can earn their Glennis captain certification to become trainers themselves.

Benefits beyond software competency

Training is vital to the success of any software implementation, however, the impact of training and the availability of continuous opportunities to learn reach beyond software competency. Here are a few examples:

Retention – A positive onboarding and training experience is the first step to improving retention. On-demand training is a flexible way to get staff competent on the software they use in their daily work and immediately put their learning into practice. Well-informed employees are confident in their abilities, engaged, and most likely to remain loyal to your organization.

Cost Savings - On-demand training saves on the cost of coordinating and hosting instructor-led training sessions. Flight School is a free resource available to all Glennis customers.

Consistency - eLearning also benefits operators because it helps to drive consistency in processes across the organization. When adding Glennis Flight School modules to their new employee onboarding programs, managers can ensure that their new employees are onboarded faster and receive the information they need to perform daily critical functions, without having to rely on institutional knowledge.


Intuitive, easy-to-use software supported with on-demand training promotes adoption and helps users quickly become competent in using the software and all its features. Whether a senior living community is using select solutions or the entire Glennis suite, eLearning is an “always on” resource that empowers employees to use the system to its fullest for improved productivity, accuracy, and maximum value to the overall organization.

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