Leaders Join Forces to Improve the Software Landscape

Just last week, Glennis announced it had joined forces with Enquire and Sherpa to become the market leader in comprehensive software solutions uniquely designed for senior living. This is a transformative move for the industry as these three market leaders—which each have a strong reputation in their own right—form a combined company that will empower the senior living industry with best-in-class software.

"We are incredibly excited to bring together these three great companies, with their amazing talent and products, to address the full range of stakeholder needs across the senior living sector," said Brad Frasher, who has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the combined organization. “Our mission is to develop the most helpful software solution and support for operators that addresses their unique challenges.” 

RIght tIme, rIght opportunity

Senior living is an exceptionally stable long-term growth market, but today's providers face a number of well documented challenges: increasing competition, workforce shortages, rising operating costs and a shifting regulatory environment, all while still recovering from lower occupancy rates resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. “Operators are increasingly turning to software to support revenue growth, operational efficiencies, staff retention and quality of care,” said Alex Kleiner, Partner at Rubicon Technology Partners, a leading private equity firm that provided the strategic investment for the combined entity.

What can operators expect?

The combination of these three innovative businesses creates an exciting new company that boasts an impressive collection of capabilities to help operators manage the entire lifecycle of a customer and improve efficiency around community operations with one cohesive software platform that drives performance, transparency, and accountability.

The company will continue to invest in the full suite of Enquire, Glennis and Sherpa products while working to integrate their offerings into a module-based, easy-to-use platform with capabilities that can be easily adapted, configured and combined to fit the needs of providers, owners, or investors with operations of any size across any mix of independent living, assisted living, memory care, or other care settings. 

 The cohesive platform will feature:

  • Scalable and extensible suite of applications built to address the needs of senior living providers in the post-COVID world
  • Modern integrated platform adapts easily across large and small providers in senior living, skilled nursing, home care and CCRC environments
  • Action-oriented workflows and robust integrations that support staff retention by streamlining and automating administrative tasks and keeping work on track
  • Intuitive design built by and for the senior living industry that makes sense and is easy to use
  • Unified and complete data set that deliver meaningful business insights to enable providers to understand the senior living customer and hone practices that create full, vibrant and successful communities – driving increased occupancy, retention, and revenue
  • Unmatched end-to-end capabilities addressing sales & marketing, clinical, operational and financial functions
The future looks bright
"The combination of our companies will be a transformative and exciting new chapter for our employees and customers alike,” said Enquire co-founders, Lucas and Erin Hayes. “Providers are increasingly looking for a comprehensive solution that powers not only the sales and marketing engine of the business, but carries through to clinical, operational, and financial workflows."  

The new company will serve over 50 of the largest 150 senior housing operators, and more than 800 customers in total, representing 5,700 communities across the senior living, post-acute and home care sectors.

Sherpa's President & Co-Founder, Alex Fisher, said, "By combining forces, we can bring the market the most human-centric and cohesive platform available to the industry today. Our combined solution will enable stakeholders, through a unified and complete data set, to improve understanding of their customers and hone practices that create successful communities. We believe we are uniquely positioned to be the thought leader and software platform of choice as the industry continues to grow and evolve."

The three partners will continue to go to market under their existing brands until a new name is selected for the combined company.

“As the foundation for this new market-leading company, we will remain true to our purpose and mission of creating the most helpful senior living platform on the market to improve the experience of operators and their residents alike," said Frasher.

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