Make the Sale Personal with Senior Housing CRM

The best sales teams in senior living create a connection with their prospective residents and families during the very first conversation. They know how to be an informed, empathetic participant in helping the Senior make this important life decision.

With the resident, family members and staff in mind, the Glennis CRM for senior living is designed with personalization at the forefront, so that each inquiry can be fully customized to meet the specific needs of every resident.  

Data Drives Personalization

Understanding the resident’s desires enables sales teams to facilitate a more meaningful, personal conversation around those needs. This is where data becomes king. During the inquiry phase, our standard form gathers data on topics such as religion, occupation, and hobbies, while the discovery questions address personalization by capturing the biography of the resident, their current living situation, what prompted their search and more.

Build Stronger Relationships

All this data about the resident allows your sales team to offer information, insights, and solutions the prospect really wants; it also helps your community stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s sending them an email or taking them on a property tour, every member of your team has the information they need to fully create a personalized experience. And because everything is stored in one resident profile, every interaction and conversation is logged so that the team can work towards adding a new resident to the Community.

Communicate Their Way

The communication channel is just as important as the message in delivering an exceptional experience. Using the prospect’s preferred channel demonstrates that you listened, that you cared, and that you took the time to think about them. Glennis prompts your team on how to follow up with each resident and when through a guided nurturing process.

Glennis facilitates personalization in every resident inquiry, helping your sales team to create meaningful connections with residents, close more leads and grow your community. To see how Glennis can optimize your occupancy with a personalized sales approach visit or schedule a demo.

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