The Secret to Managing Quality at Your Senior Living Community

You’ve put a lot of effort into growing your senior housing brand. You’ve worked hard to preserve your standards so every resident, family member, and staff member has a consistently positive, welcoming, and safe experienceHowever, like your peers, you’re probably finding it difficult to maintain and manage brand standards and state mandated surveys on a facility-to-facility basis.  

It can be complicated. It can be messyAnd it can require a lot of paperwork. A good software solution can make the process easierBut a comprehensive, integrated solution tailored to the needs of senior living operators can change everything 

Introducing Glennis Quality - Excellence at Your Fingertips

You’ve set a high bar for resident care. Dining, events, facilities, safety and health protocols, and service all go into the experience. Preserving your brand standards, delivering an excellent experience, and maintaining regulatory compliance is what Glennis Quality is all about. The app within the Glennis senior living management suite puts incredible capabilities at your fingertips.

Now, it’s easier than ever to inspect, track, report, and manage compliance, to make sure every facility follows your policies, procedures, and brand standards to the letter. Performance is measured and tracked with detailed analytics and monitored through a streamlined, intuitive interface. Glennis even helps you get things back on track when items fall out of compliance. And all the information is available through a clear, concise, streamlined dashboard that tells you what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Asking the Important Questions  

While every facility should live up to your company’s standards, not everyone operates under the same regulations. That’s why Glennis Quality was created to be as flexible as it is powerful. Digital surveys can be customized by location, to keep every facility compliant, and aligned with the way your company wants things done. The survey tool is mobile friendly so Inspections can be done from the field on an iPhone or Android device. Survey data can be organized and prioritized any way you wish, allowing you to see the entire big picture, or drill down to the individual facility, department, or topic level.

Glennis Quality surveys are about more than getting the answers, though. They’re also a powerful tool to help make compliance part of every daily routine. Every question you create can be augmented with guides that help reinforce best practices, including specific checklists and reminders of company procedures and state policies. This lets Glennis Quality create a unified culture of compliance, while helping you ensure it’s followed by every facility and staff member.

Closing the Loop   

It’s one thing to identify items that need to be brought up to standard, but it’s another matter entirely to ensure they've been corrected. With Glennis Quality, issue identification and resolution are part of a team-based approach that empowers staff members to work at their best, while ensuring proper oversight. By creating a clear structure for assignment, accountability, and confirmation, Glennis Quality creates a positive feedback loop of excellence and outstanding care.

Should a quality-related issue arise, Glennis will help solve it. Every suboptimal score automatically generates a plan for corrective action, one that can be directed to a specific department or even a specific individual to solve. Automatic goal tracking makes sure the corrective actions are taken on time and recognized upon completion.

A Direct Connection to Your Bottom Line

Glennis Quality is part compliance, part quality assurance, and all about your business. Compliance documentation and corrective actions are easily shared with insurance providers and state regulators to help avoid fines or adverse changes to your rates. Ongoing surveys help preserve the quality that fuels occupancy. These surveys also make it easy to incentivize positive results, which can help foster employee retention.

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