Medicaid Billing Simplified

For even the most meticulous senior living owners and operators, managing specialized payer programs can prove to be a huge headache. Because reimbursements are completed by various agencies, billing can be difficult and result in revenue gaps that affect your company’s bottom line. Medicare and Medicaid regulations are becoming more complex each year, with ever-changing eligibility and licensing rules that differ from state to state.

Because of the wide variety of compliance criteria for Medicare and Medicaid—services, staffing, billing, even data security—it’s easy for something to slip through the cracks and lead to heavy financial consequences. As your company’s portfolio grows, so does the chance of deficiencies or errors in reporting.

Managing Medicaid Reimbursements and Requirements

The Glennis senior living software suite includes a Medicaid Manager that’s designed to keep up with the complex demands of managing Medicaid reimbursements and subsequent resident billing. To reduce cost creep, our revenue module automatically updates resident billing information based on changes to care services and keeps track of the amounts owed by all the responsible parties in one consolidated view. Reports and the system’s workflow support the process and compliance against the business rules established by your company. Our automated system not only saves your team time on paperwork but also reduces errors and gaps in billing.

The process of making sure health and safety standards for Medicaid certification are satisfied can also be complicated and time consuming. In order to stay prepared for compliance checks, companies lose time and resources that are better spent on providing high-quality care.

Glennis Solutions’ integrated platform makes it easy to keep track of day-to-day operations in categories such as resident care and occupancy numbers, so you can always be confident in your readiness for state or federal review. For example, the customizable Glennis Quality survey tool allows for regular quality control, feedback and corrective action.

This mobile-friendly application allows you to easily conduct field audits and document compliance with detailed analytics. In the case that regulations are not in compliance, corrective plans can be noted and assigned to the appropriate departments or individuals. When corrective measures are complete, an automatic notification is sent to the relevant supervisor. This feature ensures accountability while saving time and administrative costs.

 At the end of the day, better Medicaid management isn’t merely a matter of complying with regulations or getting the billing correct. It’s about doing both well, in a way that doesn’t result in additional administrative burdens to your staff. With Glennis you can streamline, control, and manage a complicated process in a simple, straightforward way.

By automating quality checks and capturing revenue, Glennis senior housing software gives time and resources back to your staff, delivering better resident outcomes and higher quality of care.

To learn more about how Glennis Solutions can help your senior living community achieve an even higher level of performance, schedule a demo today.