Reimagining Medication Management with eMar Systems

The complexities and compliance required in senior living create endless streams of paperwork - especially around resident care and medication management. However, there is an easier way to maintain and organize all those records and more precisely manage resident medication. The solution is called electronic medical administration records (eMAR). Here are just a few ways that eMAR systems simplify the process, improve security, and help keep residents safe.

Saves Time for Caregivers

A sophisticated eMAR system creates a self-guided, time-driven workflow, telling caregivers how to prepare and administer medication. Barcode scanning verifies the right medication. Tasks are completed accurately and efficiently and documented in real time. Communication at shift change is seamless because all the details are contained in the system, enabling collaborative care, and leaving more time for caregivers to interact with residents.

Improves Safety and Security 

An eMAR system reduces the possibility of an error occurring that could adversely affect the resident or even result in a hospital visit. While paper records are easily exposed, only authorized users have access to electronic records. eMAR improves accuracy in care and documentation, as every medication, dosage, time dispensed, and other details are recorded in the system in real-time. A robust system like Glennis ACCUflo will continue to work offline indefinitely in the event of a power outage which further ensures continuity of care, improved resident safety and security of resident health records.

Helps Keep Communities in Compliance

Accurate and timely documentation is a critical part of ensuring compliance. If a caregiver accidentally gives a resident a medication that adversely affects their health, or if someone forgot to update paper records, any error that occurs could be a citable instance that might carry fines for the facility. An eMAR system updates records instantly, so caregivers and nurses are always working from updated information and reporting is always complete and up to date.

Coordinates with Pharmacies Automatically

An eMAR system that integrates with pharmacies allows prescription refills, medication changes and other orders to be sent with the tap of a screen. Orders aren’t missed or lost, nor do they get pushed off to the end of the month. A system like Glennis ACCUflo can even manage complex orders, such as those that those that require a new Rx number for a refill. 

Better Outcomes for Residents, Families and Staff

Imagine visiting a community that employs a modernized, secure system where laptops are mounted on med carts, caregivers scan labels before they hand medication to a resident, and all the important care details are securely accessed without having to flip through paper charts. Residents and families are more confident, staff are better informed and more efficient, and operators realize all the above benefits which lead to lower costs.  

The Glennis ACCUflo eMAR solution reduces errors, cuts cost, ensures compliance and puts resident safety first. Contact us today to receive a personalized demo on all the benefits a paperless system.

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