Mitigating Risk in Medication Management

One of the most important factors – and potential risks – at senior living communities is safety around medication management. Glennis Solutions can now help senior living operators mitigate this risk with its recent acquisition of medication management and emar software innovator Vita-Stat and its industry leading solution ACCUflo.

ACCUflo is an electronic medication administration record (eMAR) that error-proofs the process between pharmacists and caregivers and manages the delivery of medication to residents. It streamlines the delivery process, improves resident safety, and provides transparency for better resident care.  

Better for Residents

ACCUflo addresses resident safety by ensuring that the right medication is delivered in the right dose at the right time. Every detail of the medication administration process is documented to prevent errors and to provide one system of record to everyone involved in the resident’s care.

“It’s kind of like an extra set of eyes,” said Andrea Swinson, Resident Care Coordinator at Spring Arbor of Wilmington. “ACCUflo gives us confidence that we are correctly giving out medications to residents.”

Better for Caregivers

With ACCUflo the process is much simpler and more accurate and gives staff back time to focus on other aspects of resident care. Caregivers are provided step-by-step guidance for accurate medication delivery and alerts them whenever something is missed. ACCUflo also keeps the pharmacy in sync with refill requests, resident updates and medication order changes, eliminating many of the phone calls and faxes that would otherwise need to be made.

Better for Pharmacists

ACCUflo has been widely adopted by many regional and national pharmacies, including Guardian Pharmacy, ValueMed by Pharmerica, and Omnicare, because it seamlessly integrates with their management systems. Pharmacists can also rely on one system of record with real-time updates occurring at point-of-care, making the process more efficient and accurate and keeping them in sync with caregivers.

In addition, ACCUflo provides extensive reporting of clinical, regulatory, and quality information so properties stay prepared for state surveys.

“ACCUflo is just the next step to bringing new solutions into the Glennis suite that will improve every aspect of senior living for everyone involved,” said Brad Frasher, EVP Glennis Solutions.

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