New Senior Housing Tech Tools with Proven Staying Power

Among the many things we’ve learned in the past year, it’s that the world became more digital - at a faster pace - than anyone ever thought possible. Many of the assisted living software advancements that were delivered or accelerated to navigate the pandemic will have a positive and lasting impact on the senior living industry.

A recent article published by McKnight’s Senior Living, 3 ways tech use during pandemic will change long-term care forever, cites telehealth, social connectedness, and infection control as important areas where digital tools will have staying power.

The Glennis Family App and Community Infection Management solution became critical communication and care tools during the pandemic, and today they are proving to be just as useful and popular among residents, families, and staff.

Social Engagement and Connectedness

The Glennis Family App started out as a social and communication tool to give families additional visibility into residents’ daily lives. Anytime access to care plans, menus and activities builds relationships and trust with families and provides convenience to residents. During the pandemic, real-time information in the areas of health and well-being were added to provide families further transparency and peace-of-mind. The app also was used as a vital communications tool to keep families informed on the changing regulations and protocols. Today, the Glennis App serves as a social engagement and communication tool that connects families, residents and staff and keeps everyone more informed.

Infection Control and Management

The COVID-19 outbreak also brought about the need for a digital infection tracking tool when it quickly became evident that paper-based processes weren't nearly enough. Glennis developed Community Infection Management tools, an infection tracker and a vaccine tracker, which allow for communities to identify, track, and monitor infection rates and vaccinations across individual facilities and an entire portfolio. When the vaccine became available, the platform was enhanced to monitor and manage the vaccination process for residents, staff and third parties across one of the country’s largest senior care networks. Today, communities use these tools to monitor and help control any kind of infection on a more comprehensive scale, as well as to track non-health related data that needs to be collected, such as Medicare.

Looking Forward

While the pandemic may have accelerated the development, adoption and reliance on digital tools, senior living technology has limitless potential as we look toward a post-COVID-19 world. Future success will include technology that improves the resident experience, is friendlier to users, and enables providers to effectively overcome the complexities of the resident care experience.

Find out more about the Glennis Family App and the Community Infection Management solutions.