The Beginning of Glennis

204 months. 6,205 days. 148,290 hours.

That’s how much time we’ve spent perfecting our products to date, and now we are offering them to help the rest of the industry. In 2004, what is now today called Glennis Solutions, emerged with the only fully integrated software suite built with our team’s shared purpose in mind – to help operators efficiently navigate the unique day-to-day challenges of the senior housing industry.

In the beginning

Our company name was inspired by the notorious experimental aircraft that rocketed Chuck Yeager to a sound-breaking record in 1948, Glamorous Glennis. In the same spirit of innovation – Glennis Solutions became a modern pioneer at the forefront of change in the senior housing industry. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, known as the age innovation capital, the start of our company was inspired by the needs of one of the industry’s leading senior housing providers also based in Louisville – Atria Senior Living.
Glennis was founded on the cornerstone that excellence in senior living extends to the technology used to manage communities and promote the health and wellness of seniors. The Glennis enterprise suite singularly manages sales, care, operations, and hospitality in one cloud-based application that can be configured to work with an operator’s business model, comply with regulations, and scale to support future business growth. Glennis solutions are fully integrated, quick to implement and easy to use, delivering rapid adoption and ROI. Four powerful solutions work to increase revenue, streamline resident care, improve staff productivity and enhance resident satisfaction.

Solutions for Senior Living Operators

Glennis Sales is an intuitive CRM solution empowers your sales team to manage leads more efficiently. Lead management, referral tracking, automated tasks and reminders, performance dashboards and a competitive insight tool work to maximize your marketing budget and increase census – all while providing your future residents the best experience.

Glennis Revenue provides one system of record for your residents’ leasing and billing without duplicate data entry or an expensive, complex integration. Electronic leases are automatically populated, digitally signed, and stored for easy retrieval. Real-time census activity and apartment pricing controls keep occupancy and rates optimized while also allowing your on-site staff and managers to address opportunities with ease.  

Glennis Care produces digital care assessments, service plans, and captures every billable charge, even those that occur from unexpected changes to service plans - all customized to your portfolio and local regulations. Our mobile task app makes it easy to track daily caregiver tasks, both scheduled and unscheduled, and record incidents in real time for swift resolution. Manage staffing resources to resident needs to optimize labor costs.

Glennis Quality ensures company policies/brand standards are followed, and regulatory requirements are met in every community with a paperless survey/inspection tool. Individual site action plans are automatically created to help ensure corrective measures are taken timely. Track performance over time to assist in forecasting future financial performance.

Glennis Family App brings families into the community from wherever they are. Customized for each property it keeps families updated on the well-being of their loved ones and updated on community activities and important news.

This is just the beginning

The Glennis pioneering approach continues as we navigate new challenges, such as those that stemmed from the COVID-19 pandemic. With its current Customers, Glennis developed an infection tracker that navigates the complexities of monitoring infections, outbreaks, and vaccine distribution. As the senior housing industry continues to evolve, so will Glennis Solutions. Glennis’ shared goals and vast knowledge of the industry propels our company to continue refining and creating solutions that put the safety and well-being of older adults as the priority. To learn more about the products offered at Glennis Solutions visit