Outperforming Your Senior Housing Competitors

In most markets, seniors have many choices when looking for the perfect senior living community. To be successful in selling your community, your sales team must not only understand the needs and wants of the prospect, but also be confident in their understanding of the competition. Armed with this knowledge they can deliver a personalized experience that leverages your community’s advantages.   

The Glennis Sales Solution includes specialized features designed to track, store, and recall the competition in your market, giving your sales team an advantage when engaging prospective residents during the sales process.  

Comparative Market Analysis

Most senior living operators who track competitors are using Excel spreadsheets to compile data. With these method data is often incomplete, becomes quickly outdated and isn’t easily shared. Glennis has changed all that. Our CRM includes a “know your market” tool that keeps your sales team up to date on competitive offerings, pricing and more. From a single dashboard they can view:  

  • type of community 
  • current and previous street pricing and selling price 
  • capacity for each care type and room style 
  • brochures and floor plans 
  • links to social media 

This feature was created with everyone in mind. Your entire team has easy access to the information at any time during the sales process. Updates to the communities in your competitive set are communicated as soon as changes are made inside the CRM. 

Convert Insight into Action 

Competitive insight offers more than the ability to beat another community at the pricing game. Glennis also tracks who you lost to, when you lost to them, and why you lost; insight that can help you convert more prospects by consistently making sure your brand stacks up favorably to the competition. You can also analyze the demand for resident needs such as, independent living, assisted living and memory care. The analysis evaluates the prospect experience from physical location to in-apartment design — helping you understand your value and identify areas that need upgrading. Without knowing your competition as well as your business, you can’t effectively demonstrate that your facility will improve the living situation of a prospect and their family members. 

In with the New 

Competitive insight coupled with details on an inquiry’s wants and needs allows your sales team to confidently present your community's advantages and personalize the prospect’s experience. It's all within Glennis. To learn more about how you can gain better insight into your competitors, check out the Competitor Comparison tool by scheduling a demo at  www.glennissolutions.com.

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