Senior Care Reports That Improve Outcomes

#4 Resident Care Reporting

The health, safety, and quality of life of our residents is our reason for being in senior living.
But with widespread staffing challenges, the ideal standard of care is becoming more difficult to achieve every day. However, senior housing software that enables caregivers to do more in less time and makes the workday more enjoyable and gives your staff back the time to do what they love most - spending time with the senior they care for. 

With a robust resident care solution, you have the information to prevent health issues more effectively before they start while catering to individualized resident needs. You can provide much needed peace of mind; families can rest assured knowing their loved one is properly cared for around the clock. Everyone involved in the providing care and services to residents are more informed with the most up-to-date information at their fingertips. And you’ll know you’re billing properly because the system will ensure you capture all resident services provided.

With a best-in-class resident care solution like Glennis offers, you can maintain your high standards of resident care and safety, improve staff efficiency, and capture lost revenue.

Make care easier for caregivers.
With the Glennis Care solution and reporting platform, you can give caregivers all the information they need for total resident care at their fingertips. Customizable digital care assessments make it easy to document care, complete tasks and track and bill any changes in care services – all from a mobile device. Based on assessment answers, the service plan is automatically created and can be shared with and signed by the family. Further ensure compliance with mobile incident reporting and automatic notifications so nothing falls through the cracks.

Make every minute count.
Efficiency matters. The right reporting software can help staff be more effective in less time by delivering the information needed at a moment’s notice.

With Glennis, you get an accurate, detailed picture of incidents, such as falls, injuries, medication, elopement, and more. This information can be viewed by date range, community, resident, or type of incident, when and where needed.

What about hours spent routing reports? With Glennis, once the “submit” button is hit, the report is automatically sent to the nurse for approval. Once approved, appropriate stakeholders are notified. This includes the property CEO and the state, depending upon regulations and severity of the incident.

Further, all resident care information and medication details are updated to the resident profile in real-time to ensure crucial information is current and not lost during shift changes. Caregivers are better informed, more efficient, and free to enhance the care and attention the resident receives.

Streamline medication management.
The complexities of daily medication administration and reporting can be simplified with an advanced eMAR system like Glennis ACCUflo. ACCUflo face sheets enable you to see residents’ details including contact information, allergies, diagnosis, medications, and advanced directive/living will information, so you can oversee treatments and med passes in one centralized location. All the information is updated in real-time with built-in alerts and reporting that gives caregivers transparency for improved resident safety and compliance.

Track contagious diseases and compliance.
With Glennis Care, communities can stay on top of infectious disease outbreaks such as COVID-19 among residents, employees, and third parties. The system tracks the number of sick people and alerts community leaders of a needed change in protocol. You can also follow compliance for COVID vaccines, flu shots, TB tests, or any other type of information you need to track community wide.

Capture every task—and every dollar.
Not only does Glennis make it more efficient to deliver and document care, but it also keeps track of billable tasks.

The Glennis Care mobile app seamlessly connects resident care and billing, promoting more efficiency with real-time documentation of care at the point of delivery. Track the number of tasks needed and number of hours allotted to each resident so you can more efficiently schedule staff time. Glennis automatically links service charges with billing, including changes to care plans. This means you can be sure you’re giving residents the care they expect while capturing all associated costs.

With the Glennis reporting platform, every task is captured and billed, including those outside of the prescribed care plan.

Keep track and report on-the-go.
The Glennis app includes mobile incident reporting which works on any smartphone to easily complete tasks and report incidents. Features include built-in natural language processing to recognize words like “fall” so that subsequent questions relate to “falling.” These include, “Where was the resident?” “What was he/she doing?” and “What caused the fall?” Staff can then answer questions about the outcome; “Was medical treatment given?” and “Did we call emergency services?”

Who needs to know? Mobile incident reporting automatically notifies stakeholders in upper management and staff nurses in addition to capturing all information required for state reporting.

Improve resident outcomes. And your bottom line.
Automated care plans, mobile care delivery, real-time documentation and centralized information that allows for collaboration around resident care frees staff from paperwork. This gives them more time with residents – ultimately delivering better care outcomes.

Glennis gives your teams the info they need to deliver a better experience for staff and residents alike, while minimizing turnover and associated costs.

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