Assisted Living CRM Reports That Improve Sales

#1 Sales Reporting

Regardless of which area of your business you need visibility into, advanced reporting technology can deliver the answers and insights you need in real time, quickly and accurately.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll explore 5 key operational areas – sales, revenue, quality and compliance, resident care, and resource management – where reporting provides the most value to senior living communities like yours, and what you should look for in a fully capable reporting platform. To begin, let’s look at what a best-in-class sales reporting tool should offer.

Performance Measurement

To most effectively nurture prospects, build connections, optimize closing rates, and stay on course to meet performance goals, your sales team needs accurate, up-to-date information.
The right sales reporting tool monitors sales performance each step of the way, while progress toward sales goals is reported in real time so you can adjust as needed. A built-in sales leaderboard helps to manage accountability and performance to keep your team in the know and on track.

In addition, you should be able to view the status of any prospect inquiry – active, cold, time of last interaction, etc. – so follow up is focused on the right prospects at the right time in the right manner. This ensures your sales efforts are focused where it matters most.

Sales Metrics & Forecasting

Access to detailed market analytics and real-time sales metrics helps create a 360-degree view of win/loss trends and performance metrics that drive revenue and inform forecasting efforts – insights leadership needs to be able to manage multiple communities. Armed with this critical information, team members should be able to easily track sales activity and progress toward monthly goals designed to match the way your company sells.

Revenue Potential & Rate Compliance

With Glennis you can analyze revenue potential by looking at available rooms, rates, and scheduled move-outs. You can also review trends such as which days of the week have the most tour and sales activity, which can help you make better staffing decisions. In addition, rate compliance – making sure your sales align with your most current set rates – helps to proactively manage revenue and occupancy.

Tours & Touchpoints

Because the number of tours you conduct predicts conversions to sales, it’s important to know where you stand on tour activity at any given time. Do you need to perform more tours to reach your sales goals? Reporting can tell you. Maybe you need to turn up your lead flow, or make adjustments to ensure your leads are better qualified.

For example, are you pacing to forecast If the leads that you’re getting seem financially unqualified? If that's the case, your referral sources may need to be updated, or your website form may need to include available rates to help more accurately pinpoint those who are truly qualified to lease with you.

How are prospects reaching you? How quickly, and how often should you follow up? Knowing the most effective touchpoints and ensuring the right amount of time lapses between them saves time and increases the chances of conversion because the inquiry and sales process is smooth and intuitive.

Competitor Comparisons

Losing sales to a competitor? Maybe it’s your monthly rent rate. Or it could be location. Or maybe your sales staff didn’t focus on what the prospect really needed. An advanced sales reporting tool with competitive data can tell you who you lost to, why and when you lost the sale. These are insights that offer more than just the ability to beat another community at the pricing game – helping to ensure you have the right information to convert more prospects by consistently making sure your brand stacks up favorably to the competition.


Finally, sales reporting should be flexible enough to customize according to your specific business requirements. It’s important to be able to drill down to the level of detail you – or other stakeholders – need at any given time. With Glennis Insights, this information is updated every day, so you can filter accordingly and know you’ll have the latest and greatest data.

Business intelligence derived from a robust reporting platform leads to more effective decision making, more efficient operations, and a simple, seamless experience for your customers – ultimately, delivering a more profitable bottom line for your communities and your portfolio.

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