Quality Assurance Reports That Power Your Senior Living Business

#3 Quality and Compliance Reporting

For senior living owners and operators, quality of resident care, facilities, and services drive occupancy, revenue, and overall property performance.

Part of this quality experience is dependent upon staying compliant with state guidelines, which becomes more complex each year. Fines for non-compliance are higher than ever. In fact, today, OSHA inspections are on the rise with financial penalties for infractions that can reach into the six figures.

Enforcing your brand and quality standards and keeping up with changing state compliance regulations can be challenging without an easy way to audit your facilities and track pertinent data. The best way to manage your brand and compliance standards is with automated survey tools and real-time reporting that enable you to have visibility into your performance. This week, we explore the many advantages of a robust, digital quality and compliance reporting platform.

Establish and assess quality

With a comprehensive digital reporting and survey tool like Glennis Quality, you can maintain visibility into your company standards and state requirements ranging from how well staff complies with mask mandates to the overall quality of facility amenities and safety regulations. It also helps you prepare for state reviews and acts as a warning system alerting you to communities that may not be following specific guidelines or state regulations.

Glennis Quality allows you to easily conduct field audits and track performance with detailed analytics, easily monitored through a streamlined, intuitive interface. The Glennis mobile quality survey app takes property surveys to a new level of efficiency. Inspect, track, report and manage compliance and uphold brand standards across your properties – anytime from anywhere.

You can view any item that failed, assign a specific individual or department to resolve the issue and even set a due date. By creating a clear structure for assignment, accountability, and confirmation, Glennis Quality creates a positive feedback loop of excellence and outstanding care.

Build a compliant culture

It’s important to uphold your unique brand standards across all your facilities and at the same time, comply with each state’s unique regulatory and reporting requirements. Glennis makes it easy to customize your quality surveys to measure each facility accordingly.

With Glennis Quality, you can craft your own survey questions with the help of built-in “interpretive guidelines”. These guidelines reinforce best practices, including specific checklists and reminders of company procedures and state policies. The goal is to create a culture of “everyday compliance” while helping to ensure guidelines are followed by each facility and staff member.

Reduce costs. Boost satisfaction.

With Glennis Quality, you can easily share compliance documentation and corrective actions with insurance providers and state regulators to help avoid fines or adverse changes to your rates. Glennis replaces paper surveys and manual processes with a leading-edge technology platform to reduce costs and risk, make necessary improvements, and deliver the best employee and resident experience possible. Read more in the article, "Glennis Quality: The Secret to Managing Your Own"