Staffing Reports That Power Your Senior Living Business

#5 Resource Reporting

As a senior living owner/operator, your workforce is one of your biggest cost drivers. Operational efficiency is dependent upon proper allocation and utilization of caregiver staff, how it tracks to your budget, overtime data, and other critical labor-related metrics that offer insight into what’s working and what’s not.

With advanced task reporting technology, it’s possible to optimize every minute of every day – a significant need in the industry given the current workforce crisis. To understand how a resource reporting solution can help manage every task for every employee and keep you on track to meet budget expectations portfolio-wide, it’s helpful to explore how the Glennis platform can work for your operation.

Manage care tasks to the minute

To maintain a high standard of resident care, staff nurses and management need real-time visibility into which resources have capacity when scheduling a new move-in or to help re-allocate tasks such as status checks, bathing, or medication management when the situation dictates.

With the Glennis task management dashboard, scheduling resident care tasks becomes second nature. Easy to read, color-coded tables display details including resource role, room count, shift schedule, the specific service scheduled and how many minutes it is expected to take.

A summary page gives you even more detailed information, including how many minutes are scheduled per hour per resource role by shift, and what tasks are currently scheduled during any given time period. Results and insights are displayed as an easy-to-read heatmap.

In addition, you can identify residents with tasks not assigned to any caregiver, and pinpoint those caregivers assigned to more than 60 minutes within a 1-hour block. While the system populates the amount of time assigned to a task based on a default number, with Glennis, you can customize this information at your discretion to best meet your resident needs.

Monitor labor and budget

Glennis task management integrates with workforce management software to pull in data showing whether communities’ actual worked hours and scheduled work hours line up with a particular community’s budget.

You’ll be able to see an overview by community, and then drill down to determine if a particular department or job position is over- or under-budget to help with decision making. See who’s working overtime regularly in an optional table display.

Get critical labor metrics all in one place such as open positions, pending candidates, net hires and terminations, and turnover percentage. Refine the view by community, department, or job position to determine where any issues lie.

A tool for today's workforce challenges

In a July 2021 report by talent firm Ferguson Partners where they conducted interviews with top senior living industry leaders, one executive stated: “Going forward, greater investment in technology is imperative — perhaps particularly in back-of-house solutions, including some that could help alleviate the workforce crisis by increasing staff efficiency.”

Having one, centralized platform like Glennis that promotes connection and collaboration among management, staff, residents, and partners is crucial to successful operational performance today and tomorrow.