Advantages of an Integrated Senior Housing Platform

Operating a senior living community is full of complexities that can be taxing, costly and divert
time and attention away from residents. The right software meets these challenges head on.
Here are just some examples of how a single technology solution that’s specifically designed for senior living modernizes and simplifies operations, transforms communication among staff, and offers a higher level of resident care for smarter, faster, and more cost-effective results.

Improves Productivity and Communication                                                                                                      A single software platform becomes one engine that drives the workday and stores and shares data across the entire community. Processes are streamlined and aggregated inside one channel, eliminating silos, encouraging transparency, and enabling cross-departmental collaboration. Information sharing also extends to families who have easy access to resident health status and community updates via mobile apps.

Automates a Personalized Approach to Resident Care                                                                                  Senior housing software enhances communication, updating information in real-time so that teams can collaborate on tasks and decisions. For example, a 360° view of residents enables resident-centric care where everyone has access to resident records from the business office to the care staff. Custom care assessments and service plans are automated, and associated billing updates each time changes occur to the level of care. Information updates simultaneously for all involved, eliminating down time, and enabling an informed individualized approach to the care of each resident.

Drives Better Business Decisions                                                                                                                  Organizing data into a single source has another positive effect: Operators can gain complete visibility into their operations across all departments. Real-time visibility across your departments, property and a portfolio allow you to make more precise and proactive business decisions based on the insights and trends you’re seeing from a 30,000-feet view and identifies areas that need a closer look. Read more about the advantages of real-time data and business insights.

Unifies Processes Across Your Properties and Portfolio                                                                            Software drives processes so that work is not only automated but also follows a singular workflow from community to community. Automating processes within one system enable a staff of 30 or 3,000 to get on the same (electronic) page to save time, enable better oversight, and facilitate proper approvals. The right software should support and enhance your processes across every department and scale as your business grows.

Improves Job Satisfaction and Retention                                                                                                        An easy-to-use system that simplifies and streamlines work leads to happier staff and lower turnover. Forward thinking companies that leverage technology to run their operations are also attractive to potential employees who want (demand) the ease and advantages of working with digital tools and mobile apps.

The Bottomline

Clearer communication, higher employee productivity, more informed decision-making, enhanced resident care — these benefits add up to the even greater benefit of reduced costs. Take the Glennis Integrated senior housing software suite, for instance, which unifies the masses of data that senior living providers accumulate into a single system, automates processes, improves communication, and delivers better outcomes for staff, residents, and families. Sound too good to be true? Contact us today to schedule a demo.

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