Senior Living Software: What Can It Do for You?

As technology advances and senior living providers face increasing pressures, many have begun to shift to software solutions to boost operational performance and drive efficiency and lower costs and ease staff burdens. 

A senior living community must perform many different tasks, from distributing medicine to managing finances to organizing social events, and each of these has multiple software solutions vying to do the job. Yet not all solutions are custom-built for the assisted living industry, nor do they easily integrate with each other. 

This creates potential for siloed information, disorganization, and inefficient use of resources, which is why ideal senior living software solutions should be purpose-built and comprehensive to ensure frictionless information sharing and facilitate that all-important aspect of our digital world: gathering data for better insight and results.

What Exactly Does Senior Living Software Offer?

One of the best ways to meet all care and regulatory requirements and ensure optimal performance across a community is to align processes and workflows through digital processes. Software allows stakeholders to update and access the same information in real time. 

Here are just a few examples of management tasks and activities that assisted living software manages: 

  • Sales and customer relationship management

  • Leasing and document management

  • Occupancy and pricing management

  • Resident care plans, reports, medication administration

  • Invoicing, billing, and payments

  • Social programming, culinary, and family communications

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Accounting

  • Management oversight, reporting, analytics

A comprehensive senior housing suite will ensure streamlined tasks and processes and improved communication within your organization, as well as with families, pharmacies, physicians, and others. The best software delivers all the necessary functionality to run any number of communities on one robust platform to fuel growth and performance and deliver a better work experience.

Eight Essential Features of Senior Living Software 

Different senior living platforms offer distinct features. Here are some critical items to consider when choosing the best senior living software solution.

1. Usability

The solutions that provide the highest value are easy and enjoyable to use. They make work easier. A clean, simple interface will help staff quickly and happily adopt new solutions with minimal training. 

2. Ability to Customize 

Senior living software should flex to your business processes and only enhance and bring efficiency to your workflows and documentation.

3. Mobility

Staff and caregivers can be more effective and efficient when their tools work where they are. Mobile solutions enable caregivers to spend more time with residents. 

4. 360 View of Each Resident 

Team members should have instant access to each resident’s health information, care needs and preferences, so they can be confident they are relying on the most up-to-date records. 

5. Comprehensive 

An all-in-one software suite should facilitate business across your community and portfolio, from sales and marketing to care to financials, without having to log in to multiple solutions or the need to support cumbersome interfaces.  

6. Scalable and Flexible  

Assisted living software should evolve and improve with its clients. Your solutions should stay at the forefront of innovation while supporting your current and future operational needs. 

7. Streamlined Reporting 

Accessing data across all operations should be simple, easy, and immediate—and you should be able to access it all from one central location. The best software allows you to "slice and dice" information  to help guide informed decisions.

8. Supported by Experts 

The best solutions are those developed within the industry by experts who understand the complexities of running a successful community and are ready to work hand-in-hand as your partner for success.

Glennis Solutions: A Complete Software Suite 

Glennis provides the ideal senior living software solutions for startups entering the elder care space, as well as those who are ready to make a digital transformation to propel their operational efficiency and performance. We offer solutions that promote the wellness and health of seniors and improve the efficiency and productivity of staff by automating and unifying your operations and data. Our elite team of experienced senior living and technology experts works closely with each client to provide a solution that supports their needs and goals for success. 

To learn more about how the Glennis Suite of solutions can help your senior living community achieve an even higher level of performance get a free demo