For senior living by senior living: Why a singular focus matters.

You’ve probably been advised more than once to avoid spreading yourself too thin. There are many valid reasons for this warning—potential burnout, lack of focus, and less-than-quality outcomes on each of the tasks you’re tackling. Multitasking has its limits.

When businesses spread themselves too thin, it has the same effect. No company can be everything to everyone. By specializing in serving one demographic or a singular vertical industry, an organization is best able to:

• Offer better differentiation and value proposition
• Maintain clear and well-guided operational focus
• Deliver a validated and earned position of authority

Offer a better value proposition

To increase the chance of success, companies need to be able to differentiate themselves from the competition. To make an informed decision, potential customers should be able to accurately assess the characteristics that make one company different—and better—from another. This translates to a company’s value proposition.

Companies that communicate their unique business differentiator and what they—and only they—can do to satisfy the needs, wants and expectations of their target markets often win over companies that generalize in a related field.

As a senior living owner or operator, you need a senior living software partner who knows senior living. Many companies claim to have senior living solutions, but they are often repurposing technology that was built for other markets, usually multifamily. The senior living resident experience is unique and requires thorough knowledge of aging issues and how to best deliver the services you offer.

Maintain operational-and customer-focus   

By avoiding distractions and laser focusing on one set of challenges for one demographic, organizations can increase the odds that the solutions they deliver will better match the genuine market need and will result in more satisfied—and loyal—customers who will reap the benefits of a longer term partnership. 

By specializing in serving one market, companies can reduce their learning curve and become more efficient—and more effective in serving the needs of its customers. This results in deeper knowledge and expertise. For instance, a tech company specializing in the senior housing market will naturally have better insight into the market itself, an understanding of intricate staff workflows and challenges, and a finger on the pulse of what residents and families want and need.

Deliver a position of authority

This example is offered by Siemens, who offers 3D technology for the medical field: If you need a knee replacement, would you prefer to take a standard mass-produced standard model? Or would you seek an orthopedic surgeon who uses 3D technology and medical devices personalized to your knee based on a specialized template designed for your anatomy?

Most would perceive the latter as being more authoritative and knowledgeable and go that route. The company with the specialty commands more authority. Same goes for senior living; technology developed for the specific purpose of serving those who own, operate, support, serve and live within senior living communities have more influence on those they seek to serve.

Glennis: For senior living by senior living

To see how specialization can benefit owners and operators of senior living communities, consider Glennis Solutions, currently the only fully integrated, cloud-based senior housing software suite built in conjunction with a leading senior living provider. In use across 775 senior living buildings in three countries, the Glennis platform was specifically designed to serve the unique needs of the senior housing industry.

And it all started with a genuine need.

Atria Senior Living, well known for its focus on delivering high-quality care to its residents, easy-to-use applications for its employees, and visibility and value to its owners, needed a core operating system to match the high standards already established by the company.

Thus, Glennis was born. The team was created to pioneer the operating system that would drive the operational excellence associated with Atria Senior Living. Glennis seamlessly brings together business processes, workflows, and functions that help Atria to become the innovator in senior living.

And now, this senior-focused innovation is available to the entire industry. Years of product enhancements and feature releases based on actual field use have resulted in best-in-class software that supports our singular purpose; to create solutions that streamline work, improve quality of care, increase revenue, and transform the operations of senior living communities and their residents’ lives.

Tap into the deep senior-living expertise of Glennis.

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