How Glennis Transforms the Caregiver Workday

Many caregivers at senior living communities are enjoying a much easier and streamlined workday thanks to important software innovations like point of care software, which make tasks more efficient, information more accessible and helps caregivers deliver a better and safer experience to their residents.

We recently spent time with Risa Tagle, the Resident Services Director (RSD) at Atria Burlingame in Burlingame, California, who showed us just how transformative Glennis has been to her workday. “It just makes my life a lot easier and my work much more enjoyable,” said Risa.

Informed and streamlined resident care oversight
When Risa arrives, she says hello to the front desk and greets the residents who are out and about as she makes her way to her office. She starts her day by logging in to Glennis Care and making sure that current assessments are on file for each resident and closely reviews care assessments that have been created for new residents. Glennis provides her with information that will help her get to know her new residents and make them feel at home. Personal preferences, birthdays, family members, favorite activities and more are available on the resident’s record, along with their care needs.

Next, she uses Glennis to look at any incident reports and makes sure that the care staff completed all their tasks from the previous day. Because each caregiver works from the same resident record, which is updated in real-time, Glennis ensures that RSDs like Risa are well-informed.

A comprehensive view of each resident’s current health status, care needs, activities and diet comprise a picture of the current health of the residents which Risa uses to monitor her residents’ daily needs. In a single dashboard, she can see how many residents are currently in the hospital, residents who have a reported incident, assessments due, move-outs scheduled and those who have had their care needs adjusted. By looking at the infection management feature, Risa can see if illness symptoms in the community are trending and plan accordingly.

Having all this up-to-date information located in one spot makes it easy for her to prioritize and manage her work and to respond quickly to changes in care plans. Because Glennis is mobile friendly, she doesn’t have to be tied to a desk. She can even stay up to date when she’s away from the community.

“The fact that all this information is stored in one place, and instantly accessible, saves me hours of flipping through binders filed away in a records room,” Risa says.

Safe and simple medication review

Thanks to Glennis ACCUflo, Risa can also easily oversee med passes. ACCUflo allows her to monitor if medications were administered to residents on schedule and alerts her to late or missed orders. She reviews health outcomes that medical technicians on staff documented and pending or new orders. ACCUflo also integrates directly with the community’s pharmacies, which improves the accuracy of the orders and saves her staff hours on the phone calling in refills and change orders. It's all done within ACCUflo sent to the pharmacy immediately.

Keeping families informed

Residents’ vital records and temperatures are made available to family members with the Glennis family app. This makes it easy for families to stay informed on the health of their loved ones from where ever they are. They can see the dining menus, activities that are planned and any community updates. This makes it easy for families to stay connected without having to call or send an email to Risa or other community staff.

Spending more time with residents

Glennis gives Risa back time that she enjoys spending with her residents. She loves greeting residents in the patio or going by their apartments to check in with them about anything from how they’re feeling to simply how they spent their birthday. “Using Glennis opens up my schedule to spend more time with residents and allows me to get to know them on a more personal level,” Risa said.

At the end of her day, Risa can quickly look to Glennis and make sure all the tasks are complete for the day— that there are no pending assessments left or follow-ups that still need to be entered. She takes any opportunity she can to use the information that’s organized in Glennis for the benefit of the residents. Even small tasks like printing a MAR for a resident to take it to an upcoming doctor’s appointment are easier. As she likes to say: “I would not be able to do all that my job requires so well without the Glennis systems in place! I can do a lot more in less time!”

With healthy competition for caregivers, Glennis helps delivers a more enjoyable day to your staff by making work easier and giving them back time to do what they really enjoy – spending time with residents in their care.