Senior Housing Software for Startups

No doubt, launching and operating a senior living community is a significant investment. In a recent Forbes article, senior-living industry consultant Jim Moore reports that brand-new senior facilities in 2021 will require an investment of about $11 million for an average-sized location with 80 units.

Beyond dollars, getting a senior living community up and running—profitably—is a major investment in time. That’s why it’s important to set the stage for success early in the process by
choosing the right assisted living software tools to help you make the most of time and resources. With the right senior housing software, you’ll be better able to streamline tasks and processes across staff, departments, properties, and portfolios. Robust technology is a true competitive advantage with the power to drive operational performance and growth exponentially faster.

Here are some of the primary ways a comprehensive senior living software solution can make all the difference for your startup:

Reduces costs of operations
Automation allows you to accomplish more with less. In addition to reducing the amount of time spent on unnecessary tasks, minimizing human error, and enabling cross-departmental collaboration, the right software can do much more: capture and report valuable data, consolidate leasing tasks, optimize pricing, simplify hiring, manage care records, conduct site inspections, and connect entire families.

It eliminates the information silos that paper often creates, and ensures your staff follows established processes. By starting with a solid software solution, you avoid having the upheaval of making the switch down the road. It’s true, customized efficiency in action, right from the beginning.

Improves employee hiring and retention
An easy-to-use senior living solution can minimize staff churn and save time by automating and reducing administrative work, improving communication, and centralizing information—a definite plus in addressing today's workforce challenges. Many job seekers prefer companies that embrace technology, and as a result, they tend to stay on the job longer, reducing the costs and challenges of employee turnover. By making work easier and employees happier, you create the foundation for improved workflows—and ultimately, better care for residents.

Delights and engages residents and families                                                                                              When residents are well-cared for, your entire operation runs more efficiently. Robust senior living software addresses the entire resident lifecycle, offering the functionality designed to enhance the resident care experience; resident profiles and care data are always up-to-date and in one spot. Families stay informed and connected. The wellbeing and security of residents is enhanced. Your property becomes more attractive to prospects, driving retention and loyalty.

Provides better compliance and oversight to maximize returns                                                          Disparate properties and paper processes make compliance and reporting challenging. Rather than relying on backward-looking information, collect real-time data for smarter, more informed decisions with fully integrated senior living software. Data powers reporting for real-time insight into your business trends and performance. 

Eliminate lag time and stay one-step ahead of compliance reviews so you can take any necessary corrective measures, avoid fines, and easily share information with insurance providers. Inspect, track, report and manage compliance against your policies, procedures, and brand – altogether in one place.

If you want to accelerate growth, provide the highest quality care possible, and realize a healthy ROI along the way, Glennis Solutions Senior Living software is the place to start for startup success.

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