Staying Prepared for Infection Outbreaks

Today’s article in Senior Housing News reminds us that we must stay vigilant in our efforts to prevent infection outbreaks. While Monkey Pox may not be an imminent threat, providers should be on guard. It also serves as an important reminder that we must stay prepared for infection outbreaks of any type, especially with the oncoming virus and flu season.

In order to protect the health of residents and staff a tool that makes it easy to identify, track, and monitor infection rates helps operators stay prepared.

The industry recognized Glennis Community Infection Management System (CIMS) monitors potential outbreaks for any type of illness, vaccination status and more for both residents and staff. It’s what helped Atria Senior Living manage the health and safety of it's residents and staff during the COVID-19 era.

Monitor and manage outbreaks

Who is presenting symptoms of illness and who has been tested? When did the symptoms start? How many  residents and staff are affected? The Glennis Care CIMS tracks all of it – and more.

Whether it’s COVID-19 or any other illness, the Infection Tracker can monitor and help control the spread within a single community or across an entire portfolio. The system groups residents and employees by potential outbreak, and assigns each person a case profile which displays key information including:

• What were the symptoms and the date of first onset?
• What date was the potential infection reported?
• Did we contact the family? Their physician?
• Did we give this resident a test? If so, when? What was the result?

The system tracks any type of infection with related data points, such as temperature readings and hospital visits. The CIMS helps you keep a close eye on cases as they’re resolved and accurately trend other important health indices in community populations.

What about keeping those who need to know in the loop? The system allows you to set automatic notifications to alert staff and management when certain thresholds are reached. For example, you may decide that if 2% of the occupancy becomes ill, you want to be notified so that certain safety protocols or PPE use can be implemented. The system is completely flexible and allows you to determine when notifications should be sent and to whom.

Track vaccinations — or most anything

The Compliance Tracker feature enables you to stay on top of vaccination status for your residents and staff. This makes it easy to know who has and has not received their flu vaccine, for example. An important feature that can make it easy to stay on top of flu vaccinations. Further, this tool is configurable to align with the differences in vaccination statuses between state and/or country, for both consent and receipt of the vaccination.

Of course, third parties – vendors and care providers – also enter the community. You may choose to create a repository of third-party care providers for each community so you can get a comprehensive picture – including vaccine and testing status – of every person who visits.

Prepare for tomorrow, today

One thing we learned from COVID-19 pandemic is that we must continue to stay on the alert for any type of disease outbreak that could quickly threaten the health and wellness of our vulnerable senior population.

To be successful, senior living providers can leverage technology to understand and prevent wide-spread infection outbreaks. Find out more about the Glennis Community Infection Management tools.