4 Ways to Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs in Senior Housing

In today’s modern senior living industry, technology is becoming more important every year as new innovations hit the market that can improve resident care, operational efficiency, and profitability, among many other factors.

Here are 4 key areas where senior housing software can improve efficiency and reduce costs in your communities.

1.  Labor costs and staff retention

Out of the many factors that play into efficiency and profitability, there is no more important issue than staffing, both in terms of staff turnover and the costs of labor.

The senior living industry has some of the highest turnover levels of any industry across the globe, according to research by the American Healthcare Association (AHCA) and the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) which reports that over 82% of assisted living communities are currently facing moderate to severe staffing challenges.

So, how can you make your staff more productive without overburdening and burning them out? The right software can help you avoid overscheduling, keep labor costs in check, and ensure resident needs are met.

Glennis Care includes a Resource Balancer feature which gives you real-time visibility into how your staff is allocated for every shift and pinpoints times when caregivers are overscheduled or underutilized. This enables you to reassign tasks to avoid overtime costs and ensure that every task is covered.

2. Resident care plans and service

The Glennis Care solution replaces paper with an easy way to conduct customized care assessments and automatically generate care plans and task schedules. With a fully integrated system, care plans can be updated automatically and connect directly to billing which ensures that communities accurately collect for services they provide.

Glennis also makes your staff more efficient with a mobile task app that succinctly outlines daily task schedules and provides the ability to complete tasks and document notes from a mobile device. This frees up caregivers to spend less time on documentation and provides one system of record which is updated in real-time. As shift changes happen, new caregivers have the most-up-to date information at their fingertips, which improves resident safety and staff communication.

Mobile apps enable caregivers to easily document care service, administer medication, and report incidents without having to return to a desk. They can easily move through their day with all the information they need at their fingertips, freeing them to spend more time with residents and improving the resident experience.

3. Communication with families

Technology can be a game changer when it comes to communicating with families. Open lines of communication that include the families of residents need to be provided from the first inquiry, starting with senior housing CRM tools that facilitate family engagement throughout the sales and leasing process.

Close communication with families can easily be maintained with mobile apps such as the Glennis Solutions Family App - which allows families an easy and safe alternative to physical check-ins or time-consuming phone calls with staff.

Rather than having to rely on your staff to keep families up to date on daily care, upcoming events, dining menus, and more, you can instead provide the convenience and peace-of-mind of an always-on app. This gives families confidence that they are informed and connected from wherever they are.

 4. Data and decision making 

Technology has given us the benefit of data, keeping us more informed and able to make faster and better decisions. While technology can collect and store data, the best systems allow you to analyze data and trends in a simple format without having to spend hours sifting through reports. Glennis collects your data and presents it in customized dashboards that quickly allow you to assess performance and follow trends at the community, regional or portfolio level. This real-time visibility allows you to identify and solve problems sooner.

 There are many ways data can be leveraged to create efficiencies, enhance resident care, and improve performance. For example, does billing match care plans? What is your speed to lead? What are your census and pricing trends? Are there issues with quality? Is there an uptick in resident incidents?

With Glennis you can bring all the data from across your organization into one place and eliminate the need to conduct lengthy searches; allowing your team to easily assess your financial, operational, and resident care performance.

To learn more about how Glennis Solutions can help your senior living community achieve an even higher level of performance, schedule a demo today.