Glennis Helps Keep 20,000+ Seniors Safe During the Pandemic

The recent pandemic was a complicated issue for every senior living facility. Because of their age and health issues, the senior living population was particularly susceptible to infection, while close living quarters provided multiple vectors for transmission. When the vaccine was announced, it was welcome news. However, the process of scheduling, administering, and tracking vaccines became a complex new issue to solve.  

Paper-based systems weren’t enoughmany facilities struggled to get all vaccine-related records logged quickly and properly. This presented an opportunity to make the Glennis senior housing software suite even more useful by introducing a Vaccine Tracker into its point of care software  

Introducing the Glennis Vaccine Tracker

Rolled out as part of the “Sleeve Up” awareness and activation campaign created by Atria Senior Living, the Glennis Vaccine Tracker was used to successfully schedule and track vaccinations across one of the country’s largest senior care networks. To date, the vaccination data for more than 35,000 individuals has been collected and tracked, including more than 20,000 senior care residents and 15,000 property staffcare aidesand vendors who visit senior living facilities regularly.  

The Glennis Tracker is proving extremely successful in streamlining and improving resident care, and has been extremely well received by those who use it in the field.  

“This past year as we all have navigated the pandemic, I am grateful for the tools that I have available at the click of a button,” said Jen Johnson, National Director of Care. “I can click into the Vaccine Tracker and see where a community is at in the vaccination process for both residents and employees, and can view at a glance the total vaccines given, broken down by residents, staff, visitors, and vendors. Being able to sort the information from the column titles saves time and facilitates follow up.” 

Because some vaccinations require multiple injections over time, Glennis can even display the required number of vaccines for every illness, record which residents refuse vaccination, send reminders when vaccinations are due, and log when they’re administered. The tracker has proven to also be a useful tool in tracking other important information such as currency of resident Medicare information, employee training completion and more.

Where It All Started - Infection Tracking   

The initial need for a tracking tool became evident when the COVID-19 outbreak began in March of 2020. Property staff were tasked with keeping track of residents exposure, symptoms, and diagnosis. During this time of uncertainly and rapid movement toward what was to become a worldwide pandemic, the Glennis team quickly went to work.  

The second of the two tracking tools that Glennis offers, the Infection Tracker, was initially developed as a way to track the onset and spread of COVID-19 among residents and staff. As part of Glennis Care, this powerful Infection Tracker helps facilities preserve a high standard of resident careBy analyzing the health data that staff members collect twice daily using the Glennis Care Vitals feature, Glennis watches for signs of infection. If any are detected, Glennis alerts medical staff, and helps them track similar symptoms in other residents. Glennis also tracks and integrates the health data of staff members and visitors helping to further identify and monitor possible transmission vectors. It can even track rapid COVID testing results for family members who come to visit. However, the Infection Tracker can track nearly any type of infection, including colds, flu, gastrointestinal issues, and more, from the initial outbreak until the end of the infection’s course. 

To date, Glennis has logged more than 10 million temperature readings, giving medical supervisors and company management a better overall picture of resident health. Now, they can recognize, track, and take actions against the spread of any contagion from the facility level to the entire portfolio.  

Easy to Appreciate and Easy to Use

The Glennis Infection Tracker and Vaccine Tracker collect, monitor, and track a substantial amount of health data, but they’ve been designed to make that data easy to interpret. A streamlined dashboard visualizes an overview of resident health status and any trending symptoms with the ability to filter down to the individual resident level. Because all data is integrated into the entire Glennis Care module, reminders and task assignments are automatically generated for staff members, so they can stay on top of everything required to preserve the health of those under their care.  

“It’s a user-friendly system that I’m already using daily,” said Rachel Lunon, Resident Services Director. “As an RSD, it’s crucial to have quick access to vaccination status for any residents going to or from appointments, rehab stays, or hospitals, or simply those moving into the community. Digging through individual charts is a thing of the past. 

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