4 Key Benefits of Senior Housing CRM Software Integration

This is the second article in our series about the efficiencies, data access and cost savings operators stand to gain with a single technology platform that connects every aspect of managing a senior living community. Read the introductory article for an overview of the various topics our series will discuss.

As with most businesses, the customer journey—or in our case the resident journey— starts with a CRM solution. It facilitates the very first prospect interaction and collects the data that begins to build a resident’s profile. Real-time flow of information ensures that no lead falls through the cracks and enables prospect information to be collected without your staff having to enter it into multiple systems.
Here are some ways that automation and connections to an assisted living CRM can rev up sales, improve data accuracy, and minimize administrative work for your staff.

Lead capture and response: Leads are the lifeblood of a thriving senior living organization and response time is critical. Speed to lead may be cliché but it's true!

When your community website integrates with your CRM, there are no delays when a new lead comes in because it flows right into your CRM. It’s right there for your sales team to respond to without having to waste time re-entering information. This also provides a seamless experience for prospects who can be followed up with quickly by an informed salesperson.

Third party referral services such as Caring.com and A Place For Mom also directly integrate with Glennis. Because all the information flows into the same system any duplicate leads are automatically removed ensuring you’re not paying for the same lead twice. This integration also enables seamless reporting which makes it easy to analyze the performance of the services you’re paying for. All of this adds up to significant time and costs savings. 

Lead nurturing: The information that Glennis collects allows your sales teams to personalize the sales experience and address the specific needs and wants of each prospect. At the same time, Glennis CRM makes it easy to communicate with prospects via their preferred communication channel. With 3rd party integration partners like Twilio for text messaging and Outlook for email and calendar, your teams can easily navigate the lead nurturing process from one unified interface without having to hop from one platform to another. Every interaction is captured all along the way, enabling you to further understand your potential resident and build their personalized profile.

Email marketing: Many sales directors rely on email marketing campaigns to build relationships with prospects. Connecting your email marketing platform to your CRM streamlines the process and gives you the data you need to personalize the prospect experience. For example, Glennis integrates with the marketing automation platform ActiveCampaign, which automatically sources all the leads in your CRM system and segments them based on your campaign. This makes it easy to send open house invitations, offers, or even tour follow-up surveys to a group of contacts and capture their activity and feedback automatically—again without the hassle of re-keying information.

Care planning/resource planning: Because the Glennis suite of solutions works on one database, when a change is made in one place, the rest of the system automatically updates in real-time, keeping everyone on the same page. For example, when Glennis CRM denotes a hot lead, your revenue and care teams are alerted to reach out to the person to assess their financial and medical needs.

Similarly, when a reservation is made, Glennis automatically takes that room out of inventory presenting your sales team the most up-to-date availability, rates, and inventory numbers. This also allows you to forecast accurately based on scheduled move-in dates and move-out dates.

When all of your sales and marketing systems and activities are in sync, leads are received in real-time, they can be followed up with more quickly, and your staff and prospects have a seamless experience.

 To learn more about how Glennis Solutions can help your senior living community achieve an even higher level of performance, schedule a demo today.