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Mobilize Resident Care for Better Outcomes

Glennis delivers a better experience for your care staff and residents.

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Tools to make care staff happy and improve resident outcomes

Glennis gives your care staff the tools to deliver quality care and improve the resident experience using a collaborative approach, mobile care apps and the best practices of the senior living industry.

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Improve Resident Engagement

Automated care plans, mobile care delivery, real-time documentation and open communication frees caregivers from paperwork for more time with the residents they care for.

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Connect Care and Billing

Our mobile app makes your care staff more efficient with real-time documentation of care. Every task is captured and billed, including those outside of the prescribed care plan.

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Improve Medication Management

Simplify the complexities of medication administration with barcode scanning and workflows that make it easy for staff to deliver and document care.


Simplify the Caregiver Workday

Glennis gives caregivers the freedom to care for residents with all the information they need on their mobile device.  Customizable digital care assessments make it easy to document care, complete tasks and track and bill any changes in care services.  Further ensure compliance with mobile incident reporting and automatic notifications so nothing falls through the cracks. 
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Improve Care Coordination

A single view of the resident is a huge timesaver for care staff – all resident care information and medication details are updated to the resident profile in real-time to ensure crucial information is current and not lost during shift changes. Caregivers are better informed, more efficient, and free to enhance the care and attention the resident receives.  
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Streamline Medication Management

Glennis ACCUflo puts safety and simplicity around medication administration. Barcode scanning and a time-based workflow allow caregivers to efficiently distribute medications and document administration.  Real-time pharmacy integration allows refills to be sent automatically. Resident safety and compliance are enhanced while caregivers can easily document services.

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Glennis Care is nurse friendly, requires minimal training and is easy to navigate. I can pull any type of report while efficiently documenting our residents. It’s a one-stop charting shop – I love it!
Amy Wiscombe, Compliance Nurse


Glennis ACCUflo gives us confidence. We know we are correctly giving out medications to residents. It’s kind of like an extra set of eyes.
Andrea Swinson, Resident Care Coordinator



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