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Glennis ACCUflo

Electronic Medication Administration Record - eMAR

Reduce medication errors with Glennis Assisted Living eMar software

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Features of ACCUflo eMAR

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Safe and Efficient Administration

Color-coded, time-based workflows guide caregivers in administering medications, treatments and care tasks. Icons offer at-a-glance status of tasks to be completed, and alerts notify caregivers when any of those are missed. Controlled substances are safeguarded by requiring accurate counts by specific shift and staff.

Multi-Dose Package Scanning

ACCUflo's barcode scanning includes the ability to scan one barcode on a single pouch containing the  medication regimen to be given to a resident at one time. The prescriptions, contents, and associated resident information are all verified in one scan, adding efficiency and safety to med passes. ACCUflo’s scanning capabilities include mail order and VA drugs, as well as those from your pharmacy.  
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Seamless Pharmacy Integration

From straightforward to complex medication orders, ACCUflo ensures order accuracy and appropriateness,  taking the burden off of caregivers. Our seamless integration with more than 125 pharmacies enables change logs to flow right into pharmacy systems so orders aren’t missed or lost.  



Reporting and Care Continuity

ACCUflo enables you to oversee treatments and med passes in one centralized location. All the information is updated in real-time with built-in alerts and reporting that gives you transparency for improved resident safety and compliance. Should you lose connectivity, ACCUflo continues to work offline indefinitely and syncs when your connection is restored. This ensures your residents continue to receive proper care and that your data is secure.

Training and Support

ACCUflo features a modern, intuitive interface that is easy to use and requires minimal training.  Interactive online training is available to your staff anytime, and our on-site trainers are available upon request. We're committed to helping you realize the highest value from ACCUflo and our partnership.

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Benefits of ACCUflo eMAR

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Reduce Errors

Workflows, alerts and barcode scanning ensures proper and timely medication administration and delivery of care tasks. Reduce preventable hospital admissions from medication errors.

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Reduce Costs

Automating the distribution, tracking, and reordering of medications dramatically reduces the time spent on documentation and eliminates risk associated with error prone paper processes.

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Ensure Compliance

Every medication, treatment, behavior, and care task record are documented and stored in the system. Extensive reporting of clinical, regulatory, and quality information promotes survey readiness.

Case Study

Glennis ACCUflo enhances the security of medication inventories and safeguards controlled substances by requiring accurate counts by shift by caregiver. Read how one senior living community was able to identify a staff member who was diverting narcotics by relying on the controlled substance management feature of ACCUflo.

"If a community is looking to streamline their process for tracking controlled substance inventories at each shift change, I would highly recommend Glennis ACCUflo.”

Laura Zell, Client Services


What Others Are Saying about ACCUflo eMAR

“ACCUflo gives us confidence. We know we are correctly giving out medications to residents. It’s kind of like an extra set of eyes.”
Andrea Swinson, Resident Care Coordinator

Spring Arbor of Wilmington

"ACCUflo allows us to keep track of what is given, and the time that the medications are given. It provides easy access to copy MARs, vital signs, and physician’s orders when a resident has a doctor visit.“
Sharon Cox, Resident Care Coordinator

Spring Arbor of Durham

“ACCUflo does a great job of making sure the individuals in our supported living programs receive care and medication as prescribed and on time. We’ve definitely seen a reduction in errors and missed orders.”
Liz Armentrout, Director of Supported Community Living for IDD


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