Glennis Quality

Glennis Quality

Achieve Quality and Compliance

Inspect, track, report and manage compliance against your policies, procedures and brand standards.

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Make compliance easy

Our mobile Quality management solution makes it a breeze to conduct audits and verify that your properties consistently reflect your company brand standards and stay prepared for regulatory compliance checks.

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Customizable Surveys

Color-coded, time-based workflows guide caregivers in administering medications, treatments and care tasks. Icons offer at-a-glance status of tasks to be completed, and alerts notify caregivers when any of those are missed. Controlled substances are safeguarded by requiring accurate counts by specific shift and staff.
Interpretive Guidelines for Care App Question

Interpretive Guidelines

Each question can include a guide to assist the reviewer, such as examples of specific items to check, reminders of company policies, and state regulations. Our mobile app can capture photos in the field on a question-by-question basis. Users can be prompted to add comments to specific questions during the review to provide more context and details.   
Task list of items to correct

Automated Plans to Correct

Once the survey is conducted, a plan to correct is automatically generated for each item that does not pass review. Task management functionality allows for failed items to be assigned to a particular department or individual to address, along with a required completion date.  When the corrective action is marked complete, an automatic notification is sent to the supervisor, closing the loop. 

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Cost Savings

Document compliance reviews and corrective action measures for easy sharing with insurance providers. Avoid corrective action fines by maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Reduce Turnover

Use positive survey results and trends to incentivize and reward your staff. Communities that maintain standards of excellence achieve higher staff and resident satisfaction.

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Stay Compliant

Disparate properties and paper processes make compliance challenging. Electronic surveys and dashboards provide insight and trends to keep everyone on the same page.

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“The format is easy to use with drop down boxes and comment fields for streamlined data entry. You can sort each section many ways and do a full save whenever you want.”
Christa Shugan, Quality Enhancement Director


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Glennis Sales

Sales & Marketing

Maximize your marketing budget, and increase census while providing prospects the best experience.

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Leasing & Billing

Improve revenue with rate optimization and integrated leasing, billing and payments.

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Resident Engagement

Keep residents and families connected with our mobile app.

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Glennis Care

Resident Care

Level up the care experience and minimize labor costs.

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Safely manage medical records and medication administration.

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Streamline accounting and financial reporting with integrated AP/AP and general ledger tools.

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Business Insights

Gain real-time insight into performance for improved profitability portfolio-wide.

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