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An Easier Way to Keep Your Standards of Excellence

Glennis helps you create a culture of quality and compliance across your portfolio.

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Tools to help you oversee quality and compliance

Glennis simplifies the complexities of compliance reporting, maintaining your brand standards, and ensuring that your residents receive the best day-to-day experience, with innovative solutions and best practices of the senior living industry.

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Automate Care Reporting

Keep care standards and compliance documentation up-to-date and secure with automatic care reporting. Mobile incident reporting allows for every detail to be documented and triggers automatic alert notifications.

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Maintain Your Quality Standards

Inspect, track, report and manage compliance and uphold brand standards across your properties with customized surveys, a mobile field audit app, and automated improvement plans and assignments.

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Mitigate Risk & Lower Costs

Improve ongoing compliance and survey readiness with real-time documentation that is securely stored and easily accessed and shared. Mitigate risks, preserve quality, and foster employee retention.

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Powerful Quality Assurance Tools

We make it easier for quality assurance specialists to improve the caliber of resident care, stay prepared for surveys and remedy any situation before it escalates into costly fines. From resident care to facilities to helping you manage your brand standards across your portfolio, Glennis allows your team to easily create custom surveys, conduct audits, and make improvements. 

Resident Care Quality & Safety

Glennis provides holistic oversight into resident care. A shared resident record for care services and medication delivery automatically updates, ensuring tasks are completed on time and your documentation policies are followed. Glennis replaces error-prone paper processes with efficiency, a reduction in errors, and real-time reporting for an overall improvement in resident care and satisfaction.  

Improvement Resolution

With Glennis Quality, issue identification and resolution are part of a team-based approach that empowers staff members to work at their best, while ensuring proper oversight. By creating a clear structure for assignment, accountability, and confirmation of corrective action, Glennis Quality closes the loop on excellence and outstanding care.


Higher Quality at a Lower Cost

Glennis enables your teams to manage compliance and ensure quality and resident safety at a lower cost. Compliance documentation and corrective actions are easily shared with insurance providers and state regulators to help avoid fines or adverse changes to your rates. With Glennis you can preserve the quality that fuels occupancy and employee satisfaction.

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One Platform to Manage Your Safety and Quality Standards

Glennis helps you mitigate risk and manage quality standards according to your requirements.


Quality Management

Conduct paperless audits and ensure your company policies, safety and brand standards are upheld in every community. Site action plans help ensure corrective measures are taken for the best resident living experience.

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Resident Care

Effectively manage staff resources to minimize labor costs. Create digital care assessments, generate service plans, and rely on automatic reporting. Our mobile app tracks daily tasks and records incidents in real time for swift resolutions.

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