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Optimize Staff Scheduling

Keep labor, costs and care in balance.

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Keep Workloads Under Control

The Resource Balancer feature of Glennis Care helps fine tune schedules to ensure your staff isn’t overworked, your labor costs are contained, and your residents receive optimum care.

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Assess Workloads at a Glance

An intuitive, color-coded heat map gives a complete picture of how your staff is allocated for every shift, and pinpoints times when caregivers are overscheduled or underutilized. 
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Forecast and Fine Tune

Reschedule or reassign tasks to ensure that 100% of scheduled time is optimized and that every task and room is assigned. Changes are updated in the  Glennis Mobile App in real time to keep everyone in sync.  


Align Staff with Resident Needs

Adjust times allocated for tasks or staff assignments to deliver the best individualized care for your residents.
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Keep Your Budget in Check

Glennis integrates with your workforce management software to track scheduled and actual work hours against budget. With Resource Balancer you'll have the insight and tools to meet your residents needs without going over budget or overscheduling your staff.  

Achieve Healthy Staffing Levels

 Resource Balancer gives you the flexibility to reach the delicate balance of optimum resident care at optimized costs for happier employees.

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