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Glennis makes it easier for your sales teams to connect with seniors and close inquiries faster.

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Tools to help you sell more successfully

Glennis Sales is a powerful CRM system that keeps your teams focused on the right leads and guides them through sales activities for increased conversions using the best practices of the senior living industry.

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Optimize Your Marketing Spend

Monitor the success of your referral sources and identify those that produce the best results. Objective performance metrics unlock insights that focus your marketing dollars where they have the most impact.

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Speed Up Inquiry Close Rates

Lift productivity with automated tasks and real-time data that keep the sales process moving. Our guided process proven to improve closing ratios to ensure your team is maximizing marketing spend.

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Increase Morale & Reduce Turnover

Our intuitive platform requires minimal training and eliminates redundancies for better job performance, higher employee satisfaction and less turnover.


Keep Teams Organized & Focused

Glennis Sales keeps staff responsive to the best referrals, engaged with the hottest prospects, and streamlines every task to simplify the workday. Centralized leads, prospect profiles, competitive data, and guided task management all work seamlessly together to help your team close inquiries faster and create important resident relationships from the get-go.

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Shared Prospect & Resident Profiles

Teams work from one shared inquiry profile with real-time data on how inquiries have engaged with your communities, making it easy to nurture prospects throughout the process and to build relationships with every resident. A daily task list keeps sales teams focused on the right inquiries with specific nurture activities. When inquiries become residents, property teams continue to collaborate around one shared resident profile.

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Performance Measurement

Glennis monitors sales performance each step of the way. Progress toward sales goals is reported in real time so you can adjust as needed. In one easy-to-read dashboard, your teams have all the information they need to nurture prospects, build connections, optimize closing rates and stay on track to meet performance goals.

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“The Glennis Sales tool helps my sales team focus on what matters most, so they can spend more time doing what they do best – building relationships and selling rooms.”
Sanela Graziose, Executive Vice President of Sales


“I needed a system that allowed us to capture data that would ensure we understood our customer better and maximised the chances of sales success through effective lead management.”
Fonda Insley, Community Sales Director


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