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Realize revenue faster with guided selling.

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Convert more prospects to happy residents

Our guided CRM is keeps staff responsive to the best referrals, engaged with the hottest prospects, and on top of all their tasks with a seamless process that improves lead response time, conversions and occupancy.



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Sales Metrics & Forecasting

Using our intuitive dashboards, team members can easily track sales activity and progress toward monthly goals with workflows that support the way your company sells.

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Guided Task Management

Automated daily follow-up tasks and reminders promote engagement with prospective residents each step of the way, so your sales teams keep the sales process – that you’ve worked hard to perfect - in forward motion.

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Competitor Comparison

Stay on top of senior housing market data by capturing competitive selling rates, floorplans, amenity information and more without the use of spreadsheets.

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Centralized Lead Management

Manage all your lead sources in one spot. From your website lead to inquiries from third party referral sites, Glennis tracks where each lead came from, identifies duplicate leads, and centralizes inquiries that occur at multiple properties.

Inquiry Profile

Prospect & Resident Profiles

Our robust inquiry profiles include customizable questions, profile-linking capabilities, and real-time data on how inquiries have engaged with your communities, making it easy for all staff members to nurture prospects throughout the process.


Resident Discovery & Matching

Common interests and shared backgrounds are powerful people connectors – and help drive move-ins to your properties. Our CRM captures interests of potential residents and syncs them with residents who have similar interests and backgrounds. This includes hobbies, occupation, religious affiliation, veterans, pets, and more. This provides an opportunity to further nurture the relationship and the connection the prospect has with the community.

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Optimize Marketing Spend

Monitor the success of your referral sources and identify those that produce the best results. Unlock the insights to focus your marketing dollars where they have the most impact.

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Keep Sales Teams on Track

Lead dashboards help staff focus on the highest priority prospects. Uncovering opportunities for process improvement ensures that your organization is operating to its full potential.

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Speed Inquiry Close Rates

Lift productivity with automated tasks that keep the sales process moving. Prompting activities that are proven to improve closing ratios ensures your teams are maximizing marketing spend.

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What others are saying about Glennis Sales

“I needed a system that allowed us to capture data that would ensure we understood our customer better and maximised the chances of sales success through effective lead management.”
Natasha Pocock, Group Sales & Marketing Manager


“Glennis keeps our sales team focused on the critical pieces of the business. So as long as we allow Glennis to guide us on how frequently and when we reach out to our families, we'll find success in spite of ourselves."
Mark Campbell, VP Sales


Glennis plays well with others.

We recognize that systems are better together. Our customers will always have access to the data and interfaces that allow for a seamless and secure integrated platform.




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A Complete Software Suite

Glennis provides an end-to-end solution without increasing your staff or your IT burden. Minimize costs and maximize the efficiency of your services with one integrated platform.


Leasing & Billing

Save time with one system of record for your residents’ leasing and billing without duplicate data entry - allowing you to save time and keep occupancy and rates optimized.

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Resident Care

Manage staff resources to minimize labor costs with our mobile app designed to document daily tasks, record incidents in real-time, and keep caregivers with residents.

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Safely and easily manage resident medical records and medication administration while optimizing the shared process that connects caregivers and pharmacists.

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Track performance over time to help forecast future financial performance while ensuring company policies are followed and regulatory requirements are met in every community.

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Manage financials in one platform to streamline accounting functions and financial reporting with accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger tools.

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Business Intelligence

Unify data from across your organization and allow teams to easily assess your financial, operational, and resident care performance all from a single source.

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Resident Experience

Keep families connected and engaged with our mobile app that brings activities, care and culinary together for a complete view of their residents' daily life.

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